New toy, new look…like it?

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Jan 202010

We’ll folks, I have a new toy, a toy that will change this blog, hopefully for the better.

Longtime readers of JuicyMaters .Com know that I constantly promise to try to add new content to JuicyMaters at least 2 to 3 times a week.  While I mean to keep that promise, longtime readers also know that I rarely manage to do so.  While my brain is going 100 miles per hour, my fingers stroll along at less than walking speed since I type poorly and slowly, and my intended 2 to 3 articles per week has, unfortunately, slowed to one article a week or less.  My new toy will either increase the speed with which I add content, or it will make the quality of the content on JuicyMaters deteriorate…or both…fast.  I’m counting on you folks, my readers, to help me make sure the loss of quality does not happen.

The new toy?  Voice recognition software on my computer so I can just talk and it becomes an article.

All right…  All right…  Please hold the smart aleck comments about Bob going off the deepend.  I can hear my longtime readers now, “Bob talks to his computer now?  I wonder if he expects it to answer back?”


The voice recognition software will help me add more content, faster, to JuicyMaters than I have before.  Hopefully, each JuicyMaters .Com subject area will see at least one new article every two weeks, with the three to five most popular subjects getting one or two new articles weekly…subjects like yurts, homesteading, and recipes will see greatly increased numbers of articles.  Again, I am counting on you, my readers, to give me regular feedback, good and bad, on JuicyMaters .Com.

Another change to JuicyMaters you have probably noticed is the new front page, with the clickable thumbnail pictures to navigate your way around the JuicyMaters blog.  The redesigned front page should make it much easier to find articles of interest without having to drill down through several layers of categories and sub-catagories.  This should make wandering around JuicyMaters a much more pleasant experience.

Now, I want to ask a favor of you JuicyMaters readers, my favorite group of people in the world.

I know what I want to write about, what I like to write about, and what I like read.  When it comes to what you folks want to read, either for information like building a yurt or cooking a really great meal, or just for entertainment and enjoyment (and hopefully a laugh or two), like yurt living or this section, Mental Wanderings (the mental gymnastics of a rather “different” thinking, but relatively safe, individual), I am only guessing.  Y’all can help make this blog more enjoyable and more informative by letting me know by email or by using the contact form on the blog what you want to read about.

Last, all the articles on JuicyMaters .Com are meant to be discussions, not lectures.  There is a comment section at the end of every post.  Please use it.  Tell me what you liked.  Tell me what you disliked.  If you are in the political section, either local, national, or the Raw Milk Wars, and you disagree with either my position or the position of another person who has commented, chime in.  Opposing views and spirited discussion are welcome.  Just keep it on topic, polite, and please don’t use foul language…  This is a family blog.  Ad hominum attacks and comments with foul language will make my delete finger work overtime.

Enjoy your visit…  Wander around and poke in all the JuicyMaters .Com corners…  And enjoy yourself.

Please turn the lights off on your way out.


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