Mom’s Applesauce Cake

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Mar 212010

I have absolutely no idea why my mom called this “applesauce cake”…while it does have applesauce in it for moisture, it has no applesauce, or even apple, flavor in it.  It is more of a spice cake…heavy texture much like banana bread combined with ground cloves and cinnamon…a LOT of cinnamon.

I go a little heavy on the cloves too…but really REALLY heavy on the cinnamon…

Hey!!!  Don’t be giving me a hard time…if its gonna taste like a spice cake it needs to taste like a SPICE cake!

Besides…cinnamon is like butter.  It is its own food group.

OK…let’s make a cake, shall we?

What?  You don’t like that recipe?  Too hard to read?  Need glasses?  OK…OK…see if this is better…here is the stuff…er…ingredients you will need:

Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, raisins, walnuts or pecans (optional), salt, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, and, of course, applesauce.

Now…let’s see if we can turn that stuff into something more than barely edible, right?

Sorry…that picture was totally unnecessary right now…but I’m a gadget guy, and I LOVE my Licorice Black Kitchen Aid Pro 600 bowl lift mixer…and I love showing it off…LOL.

Calm down.  It could have been worse…I didn’t include the serial number, did I?

Now if I can figger out a way to make it nuclear powered…

NO, I’m NOT related to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor…

OK…first I combine 2 sticks of softened butter with 2 cups of sugar in the mixer bowl and turn it on high to cream the butter/sugar mixture.

While the butter/sugar mixture is getting whipped up, in a mixing bowl I combine the dry ingredients…4 cups of flour, 1 ½ teaspoons of salt, 3 teaspoons of cinnamon (I actually use 4 to 4 ½…but the regular recipe calls for 3…did I mention that I LOVE cinnamon?), and 1 teaspoon of ground cloves, whisking them together well.

I use fresh whole cloves and grind them with my mortar and pestle.  A level tablespoon of whole cloves is equal to about a teaspoon when they are ground.

Whole cloves.  This takes about one minute…and its worth it.

This is after about 15 seconds of hand grinding…

…30 seconds…

Finished!  Now add them to the bowl of dry ingredients.

Next, slow the mixer down to about medium and slowly add the two slightly beaten eggs…

Dang nabbit…I said SLOWLY!

After the eggs are well incorporated, slowly add the dry ingredients.  Make sure the mixer is on slow speed.  If you don’t, no matter what color your kitchen was when you started, it will be white with a slight cinnamon/clove tint when you finish.

But at least it will smell like cinnamon…

Keep beating for a while.  This is a thick batter and it takes a while for things to come together.  While things are mixing, put 2 cups of raisins in a bowl.  The recipe also calls for 2 ½ cups of nuts, either walnut or pecan pieces, but I decided to go without nuts this time…

…sprinkle a tablespoon or 2 of flour on the raisins and nuts…

…and toss to coat.  The flour coating will keep the raisins and nuts from sticking together into a nutty, raisin-y lump so they will be distributed well all through the cake.

Add the raisins/nuts to the still mixing batter and let them mix for a good 3-5 minutes…

Measure out 1 cup of applesauce…

…and add it to the batter…its going to be thick…


By the way…I hope you read through this recipe before starting.  I should have told you to pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees about 8-10 pictures ago…LOL

Don’t just stand there!  Turn the oven on to 350 degrees!!! …you’ll need it in about 5 minutes and it needs to be up to temperature!

Now lightly grease…

…and flour a tube type pan.

I prefer an old-fashioned tube pan, but a Bundt pan will work.

Like I’ve said. The batter will be a thick, heavy batter.

Very thick.

Very heavy.

Relax.  It will spread out and cover the bottom of the pan when the heat hits it.  Go ahead…put it in the oven and you’ll see.  Bake it for two hours at 350 degrees…or (standard disclaimer) until a toothpick comes out clean.

See?  I told ya!

MMMMM…it doesn’t taste like applesauce, but it sure is a good applesauce cake…Mom’s Applesauce Cake.

Thanks Mom…

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