Asher’s Sweetgrass Steak

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May 262010

Oh my. Folks!  Set back and loosen your belts ‘cause Asher’s Sweetgrass Steak needs room!

This recipe is not really about a steak…it’s about a sauce for a steak.

I Know, I know…I’ve said for years that a good piece of beef don’t NEED no stinkin’ sauce, and that’s true…a good steak doesn’t need this sauce.  Kinda like a man doesn’t NEED a good woman…but it makes a nice addition.

Anyway, I call it Asher’s Sweetgrass Steak because it uses blue cheese and the best blue cheese I’ve found is Asher Blue from Sweetgrass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia.

If you can’t get Asher Blue, Saga Blue is the best commercial blue I have found available in the supermarket.

After Asher Blue and Saga Blue, the next three brands are “Bleech”, “Yuck”, and “Grody”.

Now, for two people, besides the Asher Blue, you will need:

A half stick of butter

Some garlic…2-3 cloves, roasted if ya got it.

One large onion

Heavy cream

A good steak

Dale’s sauce (or an off brand equivalent…Kroger brand is even in the same bottle, just a different label, and less than half the price)

A couple of notes on two of the ingredients:

Butter…luscious, smooth, creamy, tasty butter.  I’m with Paula Dean on this one…butter should be its own food group.  Besides, you DID know that margarine is only one itty bitty molecule away from being plastic, didn’t you?

The steak.  Stand back and admire the steak.  The tastiest hunk of protein God ever invented…but what cut?  For this meal the perfect cut would be a filet, but with beef prices where they are, whenever the word “filet” even runs through my mind, my phone rings and all I hear is my banker laughing and laughing and laughing…

So no filet.

Folks, I have fallen deeply, madly, inextricably in love…with Flatiron Steak. It’s good.  It’s flavorful.  It’s surprisingly tender.

And it’s cheap…at least compared to other beef steaks.

So, let’s put together a steak that will make you “slap yo’ mama”…

First, the sauce:

Peel and slice the onion into medium thickness slices…about what you would do for onion rings.  Then cut them in half so you have a bunch of little half circles.

Peel and smash 2-3 cloves of garlic (or, preferably, roasted garlic).

Over medium to high heat, melt the half stick of butter in your medium to large cast iron frying pan.

You DO cook with cast iron, right?  It’s God’s gift to cooks, but we’ll have that discussion later over in the kitchen stuff section.

Throw in your smashed garlic and the onion.  Sauté (isn’t that fancy little mark over the “e” in sauté cute?  I didn’t know how to do that.  Spell check saved the day) until translucent…then more ‘till they begin to turn light brown…then more ‘till they get a dark, golden brown, almost burnt, but not quite.

Reduce heat to medium and pour in ½ to ¾ cup of cream, followed immediately by ½ cup of blue cheese.  Stir as cheese melts and continue stirring until sauce reduces/thickens, then turn heat off.

While you were doing all that fancy sauce thingy, your steak should have been marinating in the Dale’s Sauce.

I forgot to tell you to put the steak in a zip lock baggie with some Dale’s Sauce dumped in with it?  Ooops…sorry…you shoulda read the whole recipe before you started, then you would have known.

Anywho, after marinating in the Dale’s for 30 minutes, put the steak on a preheated HOT grill (or the griddle if you don’t want to brave the elements).  I like a steak slightly to the medium side of medium-rare, and that is about 5-6 minutes a side for a flatiron (depending on your grill your mileage may vary), flopped over once.

Now, you have a great sauce…

The sauce.  Remember the sauce?

…and you have a great steak.  It’s time for a marriage.  Spoon some of the sauce into a plate, making a little bed of sauce for the steak to lay on…a bed of sauce, if you will.

The steak needs a bed…it’s tired from all that swimming in the marinade and flopping around on the grill.

Make sure you get some of those caramelized-to-almost-burnt onions.  Place the steak on top, and enjoy.

Look around JuicyMaters recipes for “P-Dubs Roasted Garlicky Potatoes” for the perfect side to this steak.

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