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May 262010

Food.  When you get down to basics, food is fuel, no different than gas for your car or wax for those romantic candles you put around the bedroom to set a mood…

Uh-huh…don’t deny it…I was behind you at the drugstore when you bought that candle with the label description, “Awaken his desires…”.  You are busted!

Anyway, food is just fuel to make this wonderful machine God gave us, our body, keep on keeping on.  It doesn’t matter to our body if it looks, smells, or even tastes good.  As long as the food we eat is nutritious, giving our body the nourishment it needs, the train runs on time.

Oh, but then the senses come into play.  It is important to us that food looks good.  And that it smells good.  And, most important to our senses…

That it TASTES good!

So…this section of JuicyMaters is going to be all about fixin’ good food…recipes.  There may be an occasional post about some new, can‘t do without gadget (at least until the kitchen “stuff” section is up and running), and there will be a little nutrition talk, but mainly there will be recipes…with pictures to come around the first of the year.

The recipes will, for the most part, be reasonably healthy, but that won’t be a litmus test for a recipe to be included.  There will be a few heart-attack inducing ones…use your judgement to decide if the recipe is for you.

Be forwarned, this list is about cooking, not heating.  Scratch cooking.  There will be very little processed, pre-prepared, microwaveable stuff here.  Heck, I don’t even OWN a microwave, much less use one.  And please, never, EVER send a recipe for a cake that starts off, “open a box of yellow cake mix”.  We wouldn’t need recipes if we used a cake in a box…we’d just read the back of the box.

I know…there are exceptions, but you get my point, right?



…hmmm…is this thing on or did the webserver crash…

…oh well…

Most of all, enjoy this list of body fuel…and comment at the end of each recipe if you like (or dislike) it.

If you’d like to see a favorite recipe added, email it to [email protected].

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