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May 262010

Hi folks!  Welcome to the yurt section of “JuicyMaters”.  Here I hope you will be able to get some questions answered about yurts…about yurt package suppliers, about building a yurt from the ground up, including one type of foundation, kit erection, and finishing the inside, about building inexpensively without going totally cheap, and some general yurt-ish questions…like ..

“Why the heck would someone want to build a yurt anyway?”

Because I’m weird that way?

…and, “You want to live in a tent PERMANANTLY?  Are you crazy?”

Yes, and quite possibly.

I hope the yurt section of the blog will do three things:

I hope it answers some general questions regarding the how-to’s and why’s of getting a yurt up.

I hope it answers specific construction questions about building a kit based yurt, and shows you that, with a bare minimum of building skills, you, too, can build yourself a unique, comfortable, durable, and economical living space.

I hope it demonstrates that environmentally friendly, and pragmatic, frugal living are not mutually exclusive…that someone like me…a politically conservative, non-tree-hugging, non-PETA type (unless PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals) can build a secure comfortable home for relatively little money, and live in and maintain that home with very little income…all while doing it with very little impact on this earth God has given us.

Let’s Yurt!!!

Bet ya didn’t know “yurt” could be a verb, didja?

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