Reasons for a yurt, part 2

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May 272010

Wait a minute!  I said I already had a house, on some acreage, and a mortgage…all of which, combined, kept me from buying a yurt…How did I wind up a yurt dweller?

It seems a neighbor that I have had problems with for a few years, and who had, on several occasions, made the statement that, “I’m gonna run you off the mountain!”…decided the best way to do that was…to burn my house down.

Isn’t that the way most civilized people resolve problems?

The neighbor thought he ran me off the mountain…he was wrong.

Anyway, my neighbor’s kindness left me with a pile of ashes…and enough insurance proceeds to pay off the mortgage and build a new home…and a yurt seemed the logical choice, given my criteria:

Economical (Part 1)

I wanted to build a new home that I could afford to build  and not owe a penny on when finished.

Economical (Part 2)

I wanted a home that I could operate and maintain with little money.

Easy to build

As sort of Economical (Part 1A) I wanted a home that I could build, for the most part, by myself.

Weird…with me there is ALWAYS the weird factor.

Or unique.  Or different.  Or unusual.  I just knew I wanted something dramatically different than every other house you see.

In other words…I wanted a yurt…and now I have one.  As a friend of mine told me, “Bob, you are the only person I know that would live in a tent…a tent with porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor and countertops, a bathroom with ceramic tile…floor, walls, and 5×9 shower stall, and hardwood floors in the other half of the house…er…tent.”

pssst…he’s wrong.  the wood floor is pine plank, not hardwood.

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