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There is this woman out there in Northern Oklahoma somewhere…  Ree Drummond I believe her name is…  And she has this l’il ol’ blog on the Internet called ThePioneerWoman.

TPW Home Page

You know…this post title…“I love P-Dub…  I hate P-Dub…I love P-Dub…I hate…”?  P-Dub…PW…Pioneer Woman…

I can’t believe I had to ‘splain that to some of y’all.  P-Dub’s readers that are over here visiting figgered it out right away.

Anyway, like I was saying, P-Dub, and her husband Marlboro Man, along with their four punks, live on a cattle ranch out in Oklahoma.  Way out in Oklahoma.  WAY out in Oklahoma.  WAAAAAY out in Oklahoma.  From what I can gather reading her blog, there is a Wally World 3 hours away, a Starbucks is a short plane ride away, and getting sushi involves a passport.

Starbucks run

A note about sushi; here in the North Georgia Mountains we have sushi too, but around here it’s called “fish bait”.

Another note about P-Dubs food choices; she doesn’t like Miracle Whip or bananas.  We’re talking one strange woman here.  Somehow, she manages to post some pretty good recipes on her blog, but I’ll just be danged if I can figure out how with food choices like that.

Psssst…  She also has a pet cow named Daisy.

All of this is to warn you that if you visit her blog, be prepared for some very strange stuff.  Very.  Strange.  Stuff.

Did I mention it was strange?

To continue, let me explain the title to this post, “I love P-Dub…  I hate P-Dub…I love P-Dub…I hate…”

First I’ll get the unpleasant part over with…the “I hate P-Dub” part.

I hate P-Dub because my blog got two hits yesterday (and one of them left a comment apologizing for stumbling in by accident), while P-Dub’s gets somewhere over a gazillion hits a month.

I don’t really know EXACTLY how many hits she gets, but I know it ends in “…illion” and “hundred” and “thousand” don’t end that way…shoot, they don’t even have a double L in them.

OK, now you know.  I am jealous.  I am almost green with jealousy…but I’ll get over it.


I hope.

Getting a date when you are green isn’t easy, ya know.

So…if I hate P-Dub because of her blog, why do I love P-Dub?  Well, that’s easy:

I love P-Dub because of her blog.

And because she channels Ethel Merman.

And because reading her blog shows you she is funny, ridiculous, melancholy, mean (NOT!), open, friendly, articulate, goofy, in love, a good mom, a dog lover, a decent photographer, a good cook (almost as good as me…LOL), loves cows (I did mention she has a pet cow named “Daisy”, didn’t I?)…

Well…you get the idea.  I like her for all that and more, but I LOVE her because…she inspires.

This blog,, is a result…a direct result…of my stumbling across ThePioneerWoman a bit more than a year ago.  P-Dub and I share some interests…cooking, country living, kids, and un-PC spoken thoughts (ask her about calf nuts sometime), and we both like to write, but…

She actually did it!

I’d been meaning to “write” for a long, long time.  Years.  I just never could figger out what to write or what to do with what I wrote, so I put it off, waiting ‘till I got around to it.

I’m gonna get me a pocket full of those things…you know…Round Tuits.  Oughtta be about the size of a half dollar.

Procrastinating.  Yeah…that’s the word…procrastinating.

Then I stumbled across P-Dub’s place.  And came back.  And back again.  Finally I said to myself, “Self, you can do that.”

So I did.

The writing was sorta easy.  I already knew what I wanted to write about, and the style I wanted to convey.  The hard part was figuring out how to get folks to read it…how to get it published in a way it actually got seen.

There are lots of bloggers out there ya know.  I checked and when I started writing this post there were 136 MILLION blogs on the internet.  More have been added since I began “I love P-Dub…  I hate P-Dub…I love P-Dub…I hate…”.

Probably a LOT more.  I type R-E-A-L  R-E-A-L  S-L-O-W.

Standing out in search results among all those blogs is HARD…

I know Ree has a lot of bloggers who read TPW, and now, I hope,, and I know from experience that after you figger out what to write and how to make the blogging software work (God bless WordPress), sorting through all the SEO stuff (Google it) can be both confusing and mind-numbing, so…


There is a guy, David Doolin, AKA Dr. WordPress, out in California who has a website called Website-in-a-Weekend, and who has written what I consider to be the ultimate un-SEO manual on SEO called “Blog Post Engineering”.  I’m giving away a copy of BPE to the 250th 25th (lots of visitors but not many registering for the giveaway…I thought more of Ree’s readers had blogs too) person to answer the following two questions in the comments section below.  You don’t have to be a blogger (though I’d like it that this prize went to someone who would either have a use for it, or can pass it on to someone who does), and there is no “correct” answer to the questions.  Entries will be hidden until the entry period closes at 8:00 am, Eastern Time, on Friday, August 6, 2010.  Winners will be announced Friday afternoon.

The questions are:

  1. Of the topics here on, which do you enjoy the best and are the most likely to come back to visit…Homesteading, Yurts, Cooking, The Raw Milk Wars, The Dungeon, or the one you are reading now, Stories, Thoughts, and Eureka Moments?
  2. After the writing, blog publishing has a lot of SEO “stuff”.  Tags, keywords, categories, descriptions, excerpts, and more, that affects how many folks can find your blog.  If you blog, pick the one that gives you the hardest time dealing with it and the one you find easiest.  If you don’t blog, answer, “Blog?  Me?  HAHAHAHA!”

One last note on drawings…this is NOT the first and LAST giveaway on  It’s the first of many (at least once a month), and prizes are not just blogging centered.  In fact, the next one will be a custom butcher block cutting board.  You’ll have to look around the site to find them…they are liable to end up in any of the topic sections.

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