Aug 202010

OK…there are a LOT of animals that are appropriate for farmsteading/homesteading, and I’m not an expert on all of them.

All of them?  Heck, I’m not an “expert” on ANY of them…

I do know a bit about three farmstead animals though…dairy goats, laying chickens, and rabbits…and that is what I’ll be writing about in this section…how to care for them and how to make money from them.

If anyone with expertise in other animals that are good to raise on a farmstead/homestead, like pigs, cows, horses, llamas, alpacas, etc. would like to write an occasional guest column for this animal section, by all means let me know.

At some point in the future there may be separate sections for separate types of animals, but for now all animals will be discussed under “Farmstead Animals”, so watch for the type(s) you are interested in.  Each new post title in the drop down box will name the animal type discussed in that post (Ex: “Brown Egg Chickens”).

So…watch this section if you are interested in raising animals to help support your farmstead.

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