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Time change at the end of Daylight Saving Time
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Think about those words falling back.  Does that even sound like something you really wanna do?  I don’t know about you but every time I think about falling it involves bruises, contusions, and a whole lot of *&**T%*&^((&*@^ type of language.

In the spring is not so bad.  We get to “spring forward”, as though we are “springing ” toward something we really want to do, which pretty accurately describes spring.  The earth waking up after a long winter sleep…trees budding out and growing new leaves…the air filled with the song of birds returning from their wintering grounds to the south…Yes, spring is, indeed, something to “spring forward ” toward in anticipation of the end of winter.

It is quite the opposite of the dead of winter we “fall back” into.  Yards covered in brown grass, color gone from the forest, and trees that look more dead than asleep…not to mention the driving cold that bundles us up into unrecognizable lumps when we choose to venture outside.  To be sure, winter has some great aspects, but it is harder to find and enjoy them when we start off by “falling” back into winter, much like “falling” off a bike or “falling” off a ladder.  I’m sorry, but to me there is little good associated with “falling”.

Except for falling in love, of course…but that’s for a different post…LOL.

I’ve come up with a solution for all this “spring foreword, fall back” nonsense.  I’m going to refuse to participate.  I have no illusions about getting “them”, whoever them is, to change the rules of the game back to the way things were before the days of Daylight Savings Time, so, since I can’t get the rules changed I’m just not going to play!

Now, I’m not totally stupid…we are now in “fall back” time, and if I quit playing now I’m stuck in the winter zone.  No…I’m waiting until spring, and I’ll “spring forward” along with everyone else, but then?

No more.  Once I’m back on the sprung forward schedule I am staying sprung forward.  Yes, there will be some inconveniences for me and others I deal with.  Next fall, after everyone else turns their clocks back again.  When I make a doctor’s appointment for 10 AM, I’m going to have to cool my heels for an hour when I get to the doctor’s office at 10 AM MY time because the doctor is going to be playing the game and it is only going to be 9 AM by the office clock.  That’s OK…I’ll just be sure to take a book.  I’m semi-retired anyway so it’s not like I’m ever in a hurry.

Better yet, maybe I’ll take my laptop everywhere I go.  Think of all the extra time I’m going to have to write posts about silly little protests…like this one…that I’m going to start!!!

Don’t get me wrong…there are good things about winter.  Somehow though, they are so noticeable when you “fall” into them.

Waking up on a winter’s morning to find a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, for example.  I live in the country so it is pretty quiet around here anyway, but somehow a blanket of snow makes it seem more peaceful and more quiet…sitting, with a fresh cup of coffee watching the world wake up…

Also, wintertime foods…soups and stews and chowders…are somehow more comforting than summertime comfort foods.  What could be better than a bowl of thick, rich chili and a wedge of cornbread on a cold winter day?  Now THAT beats filet mignon any day of the week.

Then there is closing the day down…sitting in front of a roaring fire, or by a wood stove, enjoying a cup of spiced cider or cocoa…then snuggling into bed under a warm quilt, only your nose sticking out…

Yes…winter has its good points.  It’s just a shame they are ushered in by “falling” into it because some bureaucrat decided to save some daylight.  No daylight was saved.  Moved maybe, but not saved.  Perhaps it ought to be called Daylight Moving Time…not that I’d be any more inclined to go along.

Another small inconvenience…for you…might be if you are planning on coming over to my house for dinner.  If you don’t remember that I’m not falling back anymore, when you show up at my place next winter at 6 PM to eat you are going to find me full…and cold leftovers waiting on you on the stove, so be forewarned!

Also, come New Years 2012, I get an extra hour of sleep.  I’ll have eaten my black-eyed peas and collards, irritated the neighbors with my fireworks, and gone to bed…all an hour before you are fighting to keep your eyes open until the ball drops in Times Square.

Tell me, down there in the comments section (it’s there…ya just gotta hunt for it), if you like the idea of joining me in not playing the game…or not…and why?  Also…do you have any other ideas on “opting out” of some form of silliness?

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