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Sub-titled, “It’s about time Bob fixed this place up.”

Can we talk?

New visitors to JuicyMaters, first visiting here after 10:00 AM yesterday, might be a bit confused about the subtitle of this post. After all, looking this joint over for the first time you would think JuicyMaters is a pretty nice little blog to visit, right? Well, it is. Now.

For JuicyMaters’ regulars, however, “surprise, surprise, surprise!” was probably a mild reaction, because the old place did, indeed, need “fixing up”. It was bad enough that expecting y’all to keep coming back might be called “visitor abuse”…except I don’t consider y’all visitors. You are friends.

Oh sure, if you looked hard enough you could dig out some pretty good information around here, but finding it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you ever read something that you wanted to come back to later you are a better (blog) archaeologist than the folks who discovered King Tut’s tomb if you actually found it again.

The layout was clunky, site navigation was nearly incomprehensible, and as for the look, well…

Frankly, the overall look and feel of JuicyMaters looked like it’d been designed by a three year old with a handful of crayons.

Sorry about all of that, folks.

So anyway, welcome (or welcome back) to the new and improved JuicyMaters. There is still some “prettying up” to do, like some nice fancy graphics work up there in the header and some fancying up of the edges of those boxes over there in the sidebars, but the layout and function are set.

And I am not going to let the three year old with the crayons do the graphics work, I promise. You (and I) will no longer be embarrassed for you to tell your friends about this really cool website where you can learn about great recipes, homesteading, yurts, and where you can laugh at the occasionally funny, but always deranged, mental ramblings of a redneck boiled peanut salesman.

There are two things that you, the friends of JuicyMaters, newbies and old-timers alike, can do to help me make JuicyMaters even better:

• If you didn’t sign up for the JuicyMaters newsletter when it flashed on your screen after you entered the blog, please reconsider and use the signup form over there at the top of the right sidebar where it says “Join the JuicyMaters Family”. Newsletter subscribers will NOT have their e-mail box flooded with spam. You will receive a monthly newsletter. It will summarize happenings around JuicyMaters that you may have missed. It will notify you of upcoming events at JuicyMaters that you want might want to watch out for (like giveaways). It will have topic specific information not covered on the blog about homesteading, yurts, cooking, and such. It will have polls asking for your input on how to make JuicyMaters even more enjoyable and informative.

We will NEVER sell your email address to anyone for any reason, period.

• Leave comments here and there around the blog as you visit posts, both this one and others. On informational posts, like those on radiant floors in “Yurt Yak” and different recipes in In “The Kitchen”, comments and questions, along with replies, might help other visitors when I haven’t been clear about something. It is also enjoyable for me to read your comments. It lets me know someone is out there actually reading this.

You might say it’s my “pay” for writing each new post.

So, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the newly remodeled JuicyMaters.

Oh…and y’all come back now, ya hear?

All about Bob the nutjob!

Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

  10 Responses to ““Surprise, surprise, surprise!” – Gomer Pyle, a Great American”

Comments (10)
  1. Yep, prettying up is putting it lightly. We’ll see how long that part takes between us =P

  2. Excellent! It’s nice to see you back in the saddle and riding. Or whatever.

  3. Bob….I think I like it. Easier to find the actual blog, than on the old site. I signed up for the email thing. Please, only send me deranged, redneck mental ramblings 🙂

  4. Right purty.

  5. Thanks Ralph…but how did you know? My picture isn’t on the blog (I don’t think I put it up anyway…).

  6. Hansi…if I write it it IS a deranged redneck mental rambling…LOL.

    Actually, the email (at least for now) will be a monthly newsletter that will summarize the past month in case you screw up and miss something, and a generalized preview of what is planned for the coming month.

    Oh yeah…it’ll probably also include a substantial amount of begging for readers to tell friends, family, and anyone walking past their house to pass the word that JuicyMaters is an absolutely fantastic site to visit.

  7. Thanks Dr D…it’s really nice to go to juicymaters.com and see something other than a constant stream of 403 error messages.

  8. Gotta miss that Comic sans font though.

  9. Woo Hoo! So much easier to navigate now. Love it!

  10. I know what you mean, Liz. I knew it was bad…there was good content but it was wrapped in bad wrapping paper…sorta like giving your best friend a cool birthday present in a plastic bag from the local dollar store…LOL.

    I didn’t realize HOW bad it was though until back in October or November when I went looking for a post to show a friend when I was over at their house. I knew the post was there..I wrote it. I posted it…but I couldn’t find it. Right then I knew something had to change. What you see now is the result of three months of re-design…and it’s going to get better. Function is done…now it’s time to pretty it up!.


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