Do ya like good music?

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Mar 212011
Arlo Guthrie performs at the Minnesota Zoo Amp...

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Do ya’ like good music?

I hope y’all find JuicyMaters both informative AND entertaining. My goal is to give you good info on topics like Family Homesteading and Yurts, and to do it in a way that is entertaining and fun.

With that in mind, I’ve added a widget over in the sidebar you’ll like if you answer the following question, Yes!”

Arthur Conley – Do you Like Good Music – (Sweet… by fredozydeco

Music genres will change…perhaps weekly, perhaps more often…and since this blog is written by a rather odd (Strange? Weird? Just plain “nuts”?) person, me, I’m going to start the feature off with a genre I call “oddities”, because the songs don’t fit anywhere else.

If you cursor around the widget, you’ll find you can customize your listening. Choose to just “play” and you’ll get the songs in the order listed, or you can use the “shuffle” option to choose a random order, or you can scroll the list and pick individual songs.

“Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!” (name that TV show)”:

If you choose to just click “play” this week for your first check of the music player, you’ll get Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”…all 18 minutes and 36 seconds of it!

Other genres (so far) include Gospel, Bluegrass, Old R&R, and more. If you’d like to see others, or if you’d like to see specific songs added, let me know down there in the comments.


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  1. looks like a great playlist Bob, you have very eclectic tastes in music as do I. And the Lost in Space reference is not lost on me!

  2. I used to listen to a fair bit of Bluegrass. Even went to the Bean Blossom Festival once, way, way back in the day.


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