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When I ask “who are y’all”, it is YOU I am asking.  Not some other person who might be reading this a city or state or even country away from you..and not even that visiting neighbor who is reading this over your shoulder, but YOU!

You see…I kinda know who you are in a general sort of way.  The software I use to maintain my websites tells me  little about my readers.  For example, I know that 86% of my readers use the Firefox browser.  I know that my “average” reader is a 34 year old stay

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at home mom, and from that I would guess that a lot of you are conservative middle America types.  I know that about 68% of my readers are from the United States, 25% are from Canada, and the rest are mostly from the UK.  I know that of the 2% that are from somewhere else there are two regular visitors from Russia and one…an American embassy worker’s wife, visits JuicyMaters from her current home in Saudi Arabia.


I would tell you that I even know what you are wearing and if you have combed your hair when visiting JuicyMaters, but first, that would be a lie, and second, it might run some of you off, or at least make you go get dressed…LOL.

So you see, I do know a little about you, but I don’t actually KNOW YOU…and I want to, I really, really do.

Why?  For a couple of reasons.

First of all, I like to think of y’all as friends, or as close to friends as possible between a blogger and his readers.  I like writing stuff that friends will want to read.  I’d actually be a horrible novelist as any publisher would want tens or hundreds of thousands of copies of a book to be sold while I’d be happy if just my friends read it.

Second, besides being (hopefully) entertaining, I want JuicyMaters to be informative and useful, and for that to happen I have to know the folks who read this stuff so I can give them useful information they can use.

Knowing that most of you use the Firefox browser is cool…I use it most of the time myself and really like it…doesn’t help me know if you want me to slow down on my fattening recipes and publish more that are “healthy eating” oriented.  Knowing you are a stay-at-home mom is nice…and I admire you…but it doesn’t tell me that you are interested in yurt living and want more information on whether you can REALLY erect a yurt kit with a couple of inexperienced friends in a long weekend.  Knowing that more of you visit between 10pm and 11pm than any other hour of the day tells me that anything I plan to add to JuicyMaters needs to be posted before 10pm…but it doesn’t tell me if you homesteader types are more interested in garden information or how to milk a dairy goat.

So…here’s the deal.  See that box at the bottom of this post?See it?  The box labeled “Comments”?  Please use it…please?  Use it today to tell me who you are…who you really are.  Are you an older fart like me who lives to make your Christmas presents in the kitchen, rather than fighting the WalMart crowd?  Are you that “typical” JuicyMaters reader that Google Analytics says is the 34 year old stay-at-home mom…and you homeschool too?  Are you an overwhelmed new homesteader wanting to know what to do first..and how?

Tell me.

And tell me what I’m doing right…that you like and want to see more of…and tell me what I’m doing wrong and want me to change.

My goal is for JuicyMaters to be entertaining…I like it when I make y’all laugh (especially when you tel me so in the comments), and I want JuicyMaters to be informative…showing you a great recipe or a neat tip on yurt erection that will save you time and effort that the yurt companies don’t have in their instruction books.

The only way this happens…keeping JuicyMaters funny, entertaining, and informative…is with your input, telling me who you are and what I can do to give you more of what you want, SO…use that comment box, on this visit to JuicyMaters and on your later visits too.  Keep me straight, writing a great blog.  Oh…and it’s not great because I’m an incarnation of Ernest Hemmingway…it’s great because of you folks…my friends.

PS:  For long time regulars who miss the political section of JuicyMaters and who missed the announcement a few months ago…I split it off to it’s own blog so the folks who don’t always want politics in their face won’t see politics here.  Go check it out at Common Sense Conversation.

All about Bob the nutjob!

Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

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  1. Bob,
    So Google thinks I’m a stay at home mom who uses Firefox? Maybe Google isn’t so smart after all. That’s the trouble with you young whippersnappers. You trust all this new vooddoo cloud stuff and rely on virtual relationships. The world has gone mad I tell you when even a good old boy from Georgia goes touchy feely on you. If you are lucky, you will get your head straight by the time you grow up.

  2. Man I thought I was doing better than 34 year old stay at home mom. I guess they don’t have a category for 37 year old parental disappointment stay at home dads. Stupid Google. I even use their browser almost exclusively! I have to send some strongly worded emails….

  3. Hi Bob,
    I think I really like your blog but that Google got it wrong – shock. I am a 65 year old Momma , still working (at home) very interested in the homesteader lifestyle which I think brings us and the earth closer together. I think your column is witty and humorous. I am from SC so the accent is appreciated, as well. And, you can be touchy feely if you want!

  4. This is my first visit, while searching for “yurts”. I was wondering if there were any yurt owners in my state of residence.

  5. What state is that?

  6. I am a 34 year old single lady and I use Chrome browser… Through this blog site, you will find friends along the way. And hope we can be friends. Happy New Year!

  7. I’m 58, live in WA state with my husband, mother of 4 grown kids, using Safari and sometimes Google Chrome. We’re interested in downsizing to a yurt, so I’m checking you out to see what you have to say about it. I’m especially interested in how the radiant floor heating is going now that you’ve fixed up the insulation issues.

  8. Hi Margaret…glad you stopped by.

    The radiant floor is not good…it is GREAT! Besides the insulation I did a little tweaking on the system itself…mainly getting the delta temp right…and my gas usage went down dramatically. I have one more thing to do that will make it even better, and that is good underpinning. My yurt is 4 feet off the ground at the front door and 8 feet off the ground out the back. My current underpinning amounts to tyvek. I hate doing things twice so I’m staying with the tyvek as I save my pennies to do the underpinning with stacked rock. The day THAT is complete will be a happy day around the JuicyMaters homestead.

  9. 42, living in upstate NY in the Adirondacks with my wife and 4 kids. We just put up a 30′ yurt and are getting it all squared away. Just waiting on the wood stove! It is still cold up here lol.. A relative of mine is selling a furnished home of hers and she is waiting for the tenants to vacate. Once they are out, I will get my pick of the furniture, much of which will go to the yurt.

    It is a very remote location, no electricity or cell available, so you are roughing it. Getting the solar panels installed this week for a little power, but mostly just for lights. Working in IT, I love the fact that it is so far from technology.

    Anyway, you asked! 🙂

  10. LOL…yes, I did!

    I’m not as remote, though people who have seen “Deliverance” would think otherwise……I’m about 30 miles or so from where the movie was based and shot. We don’t REALLY have to pipe in sunshine here.

    Glad you are enjoying your yurt…keep us posted, especially on your quest for insurance.

  11. @ Bob:
    Definitely plan on checking this site out more.. I have caught a few of your videos when I was doing my yurt research. I should clarify that my yurt is not my home. This piece of property I have, has been handed down since my great grandfather and it was recently handed down to me. All these years we never had a camp there, even though we have hunted and fished it for over 100 years now. I decided to put an end to that, so the yurt seemed the least intrusive structure in such a pristine spot.

    What I really need to find here too is some mater advice lol.. My seeds this year have all sprouted, and then most of them died right off.. I have no idea what I did wrong. Looks like I will be taking a trip to the local greenhouse this year to get my plants. The site is JuicyMaters, so I am hoping you might have a bit of advice on my tomato woes. 🙂

  12. Jeff…LOL…there ARE 3 other categories besides Yurt Yak here at JuicyMaters, ya know. Gardening stuff is in Family Homesteading…though it’s not got as much info as I would like. I tend to spend most of my time on JuicyMaters adding posts to Yurt Yak and Eureka Moments. I also have several other blogs to keep up, as well as my web design and web video tutorial stuff…

    I have too much free time…I need more to do…LOL.

  13. @ Bob:
    LOL! Well you could always learn PHP, MySQL and Linux then and round out your skills haha. BTW, that is what I do myself. I spend a good portion of my time developing/modifying PHP code, debugging and modeling MySQL databases, and administering Linux systems. As much as I enjoy it, I would rather be at the yurt listenin to the yotes howl though.. 🙂

  14. Hhmmm… kinda scary how much we can find out about people in cyberspace. I’m not that 34yo stay at home mom who home schools, but once upon a time i was. Now I’m the 42yo single mom who works full-time with 2 kids in public school and one in Montessori. I found Juicymaters through a yurt search. I have been interested in yurts for several years now and am now at the point where I can seriously pursue it. I have found 3 acres next to a lovely creek that I am looking at buying and putting a yurt on. As I research, I am having concerns about the summer heat. I am in upstate SC about 30 minutes south of the mountains. Temps do get up into the 90’s in the summer. I am guessing that the weather here and there in N. Ga are about the same. You may have an advantage if you are more in the mountains but can you tell me how you handle the summer heat in your yurt?

  15. Hi Upstate…thanks for stopping by again. It’s always good to see return visitors.

    You say you are about ready for a yurt…with 3 kids?! I am in the largest yurt any of the reputable companies I know of makes, 30ft in diameter, and it is comfortable for me, it is comfortable for when my son visits and sleeps on the couch, and it would be comfortable for me and a spouse (if any gals would put up with living with me…LOL), but that’s about the limit. I suppose a couple or single parent with one child would work, and looking around as I write this maybe I could see two children with a bit different interior layout, but to do it with three kids would take a more adventurous spirit than I could muster, I think.

    As for the temperature question…as I said, my Pacific Yurt is 30ft in diameter, 706 square feet, and WITH the insulation package added (a must, for me anyway, in any climate, to stay warm in the winter AND cool in the summer) I am comfortable 90% of the time. For excessivily hot days I do have a window unit air conditioner installed in a “convenience panel” I added to my kit order. The insulation kit does not change the interior or exterior appearance and does a good job of keeping warmth in during the winter and keeping heat out during the summer.

  16. @ Bob:
    Well, I suppose I did forget to mention one of them will be going away to college in a year and another one 2 years after that. In the long run it will mostly be me and my youngest… and a container building for prodigal children. 🙂 Thanks for the info. I’m sure I’ll be back for more…

  17. Whew! Ya had me worried there for a minute…4 people in one yurt does not sound like a recipe for comfortable living…LOL.

    As for the container building for “come-backs”…watch the sidebars on this site. There will soo be a free report you can get regarding 8 different styles of alternative housing construction, including container homes. The report should be finished and available by June 10th at the latest…maybe sooner.

  18. Bob, I am a first…..timer on this very intriguing site, I want MORE of everything, lol! I am in your age range and I DO exist..pof fer! I like this site, I like it very much…maybe a match! LOL

  19. Sneaky Lizzie…sneaky. Now I just have to figger out which fish I may have caught…LOL. Good job!

  20. Hi, I’m writing from Baltimore City, and I like your website. I’m not a country person, but Baltimore has an energetic green/tree hugging/sustainable community and my husband, who is from another country, practices really basic agriculture (no pesticides/repurposing of finds.) So, I find myself branching out into alternative interests like urban farming, yurts, etc. and am curious about off-grid living, although I doubt I’d want to work that hard just to be in my house. I spent 28 years on the West Coast, and 20 of them in the Seattle area so I’m not new to things like yurts. Baltimore is not Seattle, but Baltimore IS really receptive to greening right now and preserving its beauty as well as its heritage. A significant number of the greenies I’ve met actually practice frugality and environmental stewardship as a demonstration of their faith, as being frugal and green allows more resources and energy for good works and human relationships. The movement is racially, religiously, and economically diverse. Thanks for your interesting website and the opportunity to speak.

  21. I am one of your ex-wives that was just curious as to what all this was about. (I don’t belong to the “ex-wives” club and never will so don’t worry…lol) I like reading the articles about the homesteading and the kitchen stuff is interesting. I’m NOT 34 yrs old and I’m definitely NOT a stay at home Mom. I’m a Mom of three daughters, the oldest will be 40 in April, and I have 12 grandchildren. I use Google Chrome and I own an Android phone that took me about 30 minutes to figure out!! LOL So there ya go..that’s me.

  22. Hi Lyn…Glad to hear from you again. Barbara (my sis, for those who don’t know my history and family) were just talking about old times a couple of hours ago and she said she had seen a new pic of you and that you were looking great…like the “old Lyn” I believe she put it. I know you’ve had a few health issues, and I’m really happy they seem to be hammering on you less.

    Amy is 40, eh? My God, how the time flies. I remember when we got married…she was just s skinny little 7 year old FAR to spoiled by Ed.

    Its funny…things change, but sometimes history repeats itself. The conversation Barbara and I had I was talking about was at…the reception for my wedding, and I now have a 12 year old step daughter…LOL…no, I didn’t rob the cradle! Cindy also has a 32 year old daughter and a 25 year old son…this child was a late arrival…hehehe.

    Lyn, I really do wish the best for you, and stay in touch, dammit! This dropping an occasional comment every two or three years or so is not exactly keeping up, ya know!

    Be well, Lyn.

  23. @ Bob:

  24. Oops hit enter before I was ready….lol Yes Amy will be 40 in April….she has 3 boys and 2 step-daughters. So yes time has flown by. Barbara commented on my before and after pic…..yes I have had a rough go the last few years but am doing much better.

    I will try and jump in here a little more often…but how cool is it that a blast from the past just all of the sudden pops in? More later….thanks for the well wishes and congrats on the marriage!!

  25. Country raised in new jersey. 55 y/o grandmother of 2. Been living in the Carolinas since 1975. First visit here. googled Fantastic yurt living, you were one of the top 5 hits. Added you to my favorites.

  26. I came across this blog while searching for yurt information. More specifically, real people’s experience in modern living in a yurt, what kind of amenities they use and how to power them.
    I am a 24 year old new mom, married, in WA looking to buy land and yurt sometime this year hopefully, and I am just trying to find all the information I can. All of your yurt posts are very informative.
    While the yurt search brought me here, I’m sticking around for the homesteading posts; most other blogs I read are about sustainability, health food, and homestead.

  27. Hi Angela…I’m glad you like JuicyMaters and plan to stick around. There is more here than just yurts and homesteading here too, ya know. The Eureka Moments category can be entertaining…I sometimes describe it as “the mental ramblings of a somewhat deranged north Georgia redneck”…hehehe…you never know what might show up there!

    Anyway, I’m glad to welcome you to the JuicyMaters family. Keep coming back.

  28. Michele…hello and welcome! Keep coming back…you never know what I might be writing about next. Heck, my next post will be about a wedding…mine!

  29. Not sure what a URI is and how to use it. But here goes a test to see of the comment goes through.

  30. I am looking into putting up a YURT or Geodesic home in Northern Louisiana.
    Looks like a Yurt would be a less costly option.
    My wife even likes the two level ones we have seen on the internet.
    But building codes are one of the things that I haven’t a clue about or even how to research it at the local court-house.
    Any ideas?

  31. Most local governments have gone to the IBC (International Building code) and yurts don’t fit as a permanent residence as they are classified as “temporary structures”. Your best bet will be if the area is rural enough that local officials will simply look the other way when you build. For example, since a power meter cannot be attached to an outside wall like a regular home and must be mounted as for a mobile home, then you might get permitted as a trailer since that is how power is provided. That is how I built mine…I got a trailer permit and did like Nike…”Just Do It”.

  32. Well, this is my first time on your site, but I guess I fit the bill! I use Firefox and am a 35(!) year old stay at home mom. Who also homeschools! I stumbled here based on the recommendation from my brother because we are looking at making some major lifestyle changes and are interested in possibly building yurts to live in as we homestead. Mostly so that we can live well, live sustainably, and free up some of our excess to give to others. We are feeling the challenge to live on less so that others can just live. And living as naturally as possible while we do it.
    I look forward to reading more here!

  33. Welcome to JuicyMaters, Sarah…the more the merrier around here!

    Yurt living is great. I am often asked if I would do it again (decide to buy and live in a yurt) if I had known before I did it what I do now, and the answer is an emphatic YES!. Sure, there are a few things about the construction I would do differently…not many…but all in all choosing to buy, build, and live in a yurt was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    I built mine as a bachelor, expecting to live in it alone for the rest of my life, so I built it to live like that…a 30 footer with everything wide open, except the bathroom, of course. Well, things change and I got married a couple of months ago and my bride has a 13 year old daughter, so the whole “one big room” concept won’t work. Our solution is to build a second, 20 foot, yurt one foot away from the first and connect them. Hang around and follow along on this next phase of the JuicyMaters yurt adventure!

    A good way to keep up would be to subscribe to the JuicyMaters email list over there in the right sidebar…and I promise to NOT spam you to death!

    Again, welcome to the JuicyMaters family, and thanks for stopping by.


  34. I have read your blog a few times before, and lost it, and found it again and lost it, and…. well you are beginning to get the idea.

    Like Mike, I am not sure what URI is, but I am guessing perhaps a URL typo? Not sure.

    I am originally from just west of Asheville, but I have been away for a long time. My home is in Montana now, for the last 35 or so years, so you can would be right thinking I am not a 34 year old female of any type. I am closing in on 60 quicker than I want to admit, but I still have a way to go. I am married and male, I use Chrome, and I have been living in the south of China since 2006.

    We both like to cook, and we eat pretty darn well considering all the hunting and gathering I have to do to make that work out… My wife does not like to shop, so I am happy to do it.

    Anyone who is curious about any of the above, feel free to ask.


  35. Hi Rod. I’m glad to see you here at JuicyMaters (again)! LOL.

    No, the URI thing is not a typo. URIs and URLs are actually different, slightly, even though they seem to be the same. There is actually almost a thing called a URN as well. Unless you’re doing something where you have to be really, really, really technical, though, it really doesn’t make any difference. Just so you’ll know, and have a little factoid that will make people think you’re a computer expert, here’s the difference:

    First, I’ll give you an example, and then the technical explanation.

    My name is Bob Hayles, which is an identification. It is like a URI (identification), but cannot be a URL, because it does not locate me, it only identifies me, and there might be more Bob Hayles scattered around the Internet.

    123 Main St., Anytown, USA 12345 is a URL in that it locates me. It also uniquely located me as long as I lived alone, but now that I’m married it is simply a locator, not a unique locator.

    Now for the technical answer, copied and pasted directly from

    “A URI can be further classified as a locator, a name, or both. The term “Uniform Resource Locator” (URL) refers to the subset of URIs that, in addition to identifying a resource, provide a means of locating the resource by describing its primary access mechanism (e.g., its network “location”). The term “Uniform Resource Name” (URN) has been used historically to refer to both URIs under the “urn” scheme [RFC2141], which are required to remain globally unique and persistent even when the resource ceases to exist or becomes unavailable, and to any other URI with the properties of a name.”

    If that makes sense to you (the stack overflow explanation). You’re smarter than I am… LOL.

    Anyway, glad to see you here again and keep coming back. If you lose us again and easy way to remember the website is remembering what JuicyMaters is a derivative of… A juicy tomato sandwich… Juicy tomato… JuicyMaters, get it?

  36. Actually I did understand the explanation, but I am still unclear what you expected to be placed in that box, hahaha

    My history is in computers… I even know what a stack overflow is, but I have not been actively programming or networking since I came to China.

    I have also developed the ability to forget almost anything, and my ability seems to get better and better.

    I am currently working on some yurt related solar and LED projects. You think a big leaded glass Tiffany bowl lamp that would pay for itself in energy savings would look good hanging from the tono of your yurt? I have to get a good grasp on scale, and bet back to the factory before I can push this idea further.

    I am excited about the future prospects.


  37. Rod…if it were me the field would be titled “URL” not “URI”, but that is up to WordPress, not me…heh heh he …

  38. ok, I got it. It isn’t a big thing, just a source of confusion… Rod

  39. I’m 63 and retired to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I’m building three yurts for a bed and breakfast and hope to replace my shack with a 30′ yurt next year.

    I’m planning on using radiant heat in all yurts and found this very interesting. Thanks.

  40. Hi Carol… I’m glad you found our article informative. While I want JuicyMaters to be entertaining. I also want to be informative on things regarding yurts and homesteading.

    On yurts especially, we will be coming out with something new that will be very informative in the next 30 to 90 days. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, so we can let you know when the surprise comes out.

    Also, the newsletter contains information on homesteading and yurts, along with other self-sufficient related information.

    Again, thanks for stopping by JuicyMaters, and keep coming back!

  41. Wow, Im a stay at home mom that homeschools! Funny I always thought I was a thesbian trapped in a mans body…..

    Ok Mr. Bob, I am 48, live on a farm that I would love to become a homestead, attempting to raise animals to sell to ” high end LL Bean posers” <>. I work full time and will begin construction on a stick built version of a yurt this summer. Sorry just cant do the fabric in the wind thing.

    I have read just a few of your articles and they are very entertaining and informative. Please by all means continue. I plan on borrowing several ideas from your experience when I build my yurt so keep writing about your abode.

    At your suggestion I will comment when I feel the need, you can always email me and tell me to shut the heck up and I wont be offended.

    As far as being an old fart….. Well I probably am, or will be soon but I will never ever ever call myself that out loud in front of anyone.

    Funny you should mention the Christmas gifts, we made wine for the first time this year and its what everybody got. Boy what a mess! Didnt tast bad, just wasnt real good either but was it purty!

    Anyways I am dragging on like and old fart. Thanks again for this spot in the ether.

  42. Hi again Clyde (I just saw and responded to your other comment on the gout thing).

    It sounds like you are a lot like me…a thought that oughtta scare the heck out of ya…with the out of the rat race desire. It CAN be done if you follow the Nike slogan advice…Just Do It!. I know, I know…its easy for me to say…I don’t have the same set of responsibilities as you (and others I give that advice to). Really though, its not as hard as one thinks.

    Anyway…I’m really glad to have another likeminded person hangin’ around the place. Keep comin’ back!

  43. I’m a 43, divorced mom of two boys. I live between Macon and Columbus Georgia. I grew up in the country, we had cows, horses, goats and dogs. I’m interested in yurt living and that’s how I found your blog…searched yurt in Georgia. Due to financial strain from the divorce, I am looking at lower cost housing. I have been renting for over 4 years now and have spent enough in rent to buy a yurt.

  44. Ho Sonder…welcome to the JuicyMaters family! You’ll find lots of yurt info here along with a bunch of other stuff…mostly revolving in some way around a homesteading/self-sufficiency/frugal (frugal, not cheap) lifestyle.

    Look around…see what we have that interests you and let us hear from you when a topic tickles your fancy or you just HAVE to comment on.



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