Apr 042012

Eureka Moments I’m sorry.  I didn’t die.  I’m not dead.

I just looked and realized my last post was on December 19th.  That is pitiful…I really ought to be talking with y’all at LEAST every week.  You were maybe wondering if I was still among the living?  I assure you…no, I’m not dead despite it seeming that way.

I am not dead (or even sick, except in a mental way according to some folks…LOL), but I can be guilty of having tunnel vision and being just a tiny bit obsessive on occasion.

OK…maybe a bit more than a tiny bit…but let me explain.  I really DO have an excuse.  Not a good one for ignoring y’all for over three months (there is NO good excuse for that) but an excuse, just the same.

I have been unfaithful to you folks.  I’ve been cheating.  I’ve been seeing…er, writing and developing on other websites.  Yes…websites, not website.  I have strayed with TWO other paramours, not one.  But I can explain!

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WordPress...the world's best and most popular blogging platform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Longtime readers here know that JuicyMaters used to have a 5th category beyond cooking, yurts, homesteading, and my weird mental ramblings…politics.  After getting a few rotten tomatoes thrown my way via e-mail by folks who had no problem telling me they didn’t come to a site whose main focus was homesteading/cooking/yurt type stuff to listen to me ranting on about politics, I split the politics off and started another blog, Common Sense Conversation, where I could rant and rave all I wanted without upsetting any JuicyMaters readers.  Some of you visit over there…some don’t, and that is cool.

But that isn’t why I’ve been neglecting you folks, you friends.  I did not find it difficult keeping content on both sites…though I do get a bit obsessive about politics.

No…once I began to stray, casting my eyes on other ventures on the internet…I found yet another that drew me away from y’all.


So…what else happened?

You see, on the political blog I wound up doing it as an all-video site.  At first, the videos were terrible, really REALLY terrible.  I would sit in front of the built in webcam in my laptop, using a cheapo $13 headset/microphone from WalMart, with no consideration for the background behind me…and rant.

I rant really well.  Occasionally I even make sense.  That didn’t make the videos good however (though I suppose the quality ranting made for a few laughs) as the production quality was between bad and worse.  At first.

Over time (a lot of time) doing a lot of research about web video, and after wasting money on the wrong video tools (too much money…money I really couldn’t afford to spend), I discovered two things:

First, there is a lot of really bad information out there on producing web video economically, from absolutely wrong information to reasonably good information written so only a real Geek could understand it (I am a dumb redneck…I speak Human, not Geek-lish) to tutorials written pretty clearly that cost an arm and a leg and that require you to spend ANOTHER arm and leg on the software and equipment needed for quality videos.

Second, a friend of mine named Ralph, who I collaborate with over at Cantankerous Old Coots, told me I had a web video related salable product, that folks would pay me good money for…


“Er…Ralph…what “product” would that be, exactly?”

Well…the upshot of it all is that Ralph convinced me that I needed to make…and sell…some tutorials on producing quality web video at an economical price.  Oh…and tutorials on using WordPress would be nice too, according to Ralph.

WordPress dashboard interface

WordPress dashboard interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yep…me.  The dumb redneck boiled peanut salesman doing-tech related tutorials.  Isn’t that a laugh?  But I do do them in Human, not Geek-lish.

So…that is where I have been…creating the tutorials and ANOTHER website where you can find tidbits on web video, blogging in general, WordPress in particular, hardware and software that you need           …  all at an economical price.  So far, the only completed tutorial is “WordPress from Go!”, a beginners tutorial on using WordPress.  I’m told it’s pretty darn good, actually.

I have more tutorials to produce and there is Common Sense Conversation, the political blog to keep adding content to regularily (after all, it IS a presidential election year), but I promise…I’ll do a  better  job  than I have been doing keeping fresh content added here at JuicyMaters.  After all, this blog IS my first-born and favorite (don’t tell HayleStorm Interactive, the tech blog, and Common Sense       Conversation that JuicyMaters is my favorite.  I don’t want them getting jealous) and you folks, my readers and friends here at JuicyMaters where we can talk about the really fun things, like fattening foods    and living in a tent while we raise our own homestead livestock, are the internet action I can take that I…and you, I hope…enjoy most.

For those of you who have been thinking of starting to blog but have been putting off, there is a page at HayleStorm Interactive HEERE that you really should NOT read…it will take away all of your        excuses      for not getting started.

I’ll see y’all next time…and far sooner than the last break!

All about Bob the nutjob!

Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

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  1. Hey, its Spring. Time to get ta planting. I’m trying growing tomatoes upside down in hanging containers.

  2. Hiya Hansi…glad to see you back!

    Yep, it is tomato time…I just drug the buckets for mine out from under the yurt yesterday…hopefully I’ll have 6 upside down tomatoes going by Saturday evening…

  3. Great to have you back and to see that you’ve been up to something not just MIA. My dad used to tell me, “If you can’t be good, at least be good at it,” and seems like maybe you’ve done both. 🙂

  4. Thanks…I suppose if I have all this new-found knowledge ***cough…cough*** I might as well do something useful profitable with it…LOL.

    BTW…did you change email address or something? Once someone has posted a comment that has been approved once, approval should be automatic…but your comment showed up in the moderate queue.

  5. You go away for months and all we get is a shameless plug? So where is the human story? How did actually working affect your idyllic, Appalachian lifestyle? Don’t expect to get off that easy.

  6. @ Hansi:
    Easy for you in balmy SoCal. Upside down tomatoes flry up here in scorching Sacto.


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