Apr 172012

I know…I know…the language is a little bit stuffy…

…techniques one needs to master before becoming a barbecue professional

Shopping cart used for outdoor barbecue grilling


…grilling bacon wrapped foods is not a straightforward endeavor.

…but I gotta tell y’all, this guy has a handle on solving one of BBQ’ing’s most vexing problems…how to cook bacon-wrapped foods without burning the house down or having a new delicacy…”Raw Pork With Burned Scallops”.

Since we ARE talking BBQ, I would have much preferred he throw around words like “Bubba” and Budweiser”, but I suppose we can put up with his being a little stuffy if it solves a cooking dilemma problem, right?

So…click on the link and wander over to his site and let him “larn ya” how to BBQ bacon wrapped foods.

By the way…you do know what the best food to wrap in bacon is, don’t you?

More bacon!

The two biggest challenges you face when grilling bacon wrapped foods is preventing grease fires and getting the bacon finished at the same time as the food it is wrapped around. The Art of Grilling Bacon Wrapped Food. 16 Mar. 2012 EzineArticles. com. 18 Apr. 2012 ;Art-of-Grilling-Bacon-Wrapped-Foodid=6945314. Frankel, B. (2012, March… – Source

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  4 Responses to “Truly…a bacon-wrapped Eureka Moment!”

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  1. Bacon makes anything taste better.

  2. Bacon…and butter…should be their own food group…

  3. Wanna try something fun and delish?

    Make your own bacon. You know how your maters dont taste like grocery maters……… same for bacon!

    If your curious just google it. Would be better if you used pasture grazed organic pork bellies but it is still VERY good with something the guy at the meat market can get you.

    Oh and sorry for dredging this up

  4. Nothing to apologise for, Clyde.

    I’ll be raising my own pastuered pork beginning this year. I’m getting a Big Black Pig sow or gilt and she’ll get AI’ed once a year…they have an average litter dize of about a dozen…two I’ll raise for my freezer and the rest sold as feeder piglets.


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