Sep 182012

Some of you may have seen a new landing page when you have come to JuicyMaters in the last several days.  If you have been here before and haven’t cleared your cookies and/or browsing history, you may not have seen

Mongolian ger: with roof poles in place

anything different other than the alternative housing report available in the signup form in the right sidebar, BUT…

If you are new to JuicyMaters, or if you HAVE cleared your cookies, you have seen the big change…our WelcomeGate page, where you had the opportunity to sigh up for a report on alternative housing.

Rather than explain it all here AGAIN, here is a copy of a comment exchange between a very nice visitor and me that will explain it all.  (Potential yurt-ers pay attention!)

Carly C.:

Your website has been a great help so far!  I have been looking into land in the Hudson Valley and my plan is to build a yurt instead of a cabin.  I would love ANY direction in getting this process started. How do you begin to ask the right questions about building codes and insurance?
Please help! I’m so excited to start this adventure, but really need direction as to where to get started!
Please email me [email protected]
Thank you so much!


And my reply:

Hi Carly…thanks for the kind words about the site. Those are the words I love to hear, as JuicyMaters is intended to be THE go-to site on the internet regarding homesteading and yurts, but especially yurts, so your words mean a lot to me. They mean I MUST be doing something right!

I don’t know exactly what info you are looking for, but there is a lot on the website. It can be a little hard to dig it out because my posts are usually one “story” in my entire yurt experience, and they usually don’t follow any particular order of things to be done. It seems I’m either writing to answer a question someone had that needed more than an answer in the comments, or I am writing about something random that struck me that needed saying that hadn’t been said yet…LOL.


Because of that I am writing a how-to series of “guides” to making one’s yurt dreams happen. They will cover topics like dealing with the legal issues of building an “unusual” structure for a dwelling to site selection to yurt company selection to actual construction.

Each guide, or report, will be released separately and will be available for a nominal charge, beginning in October, with a new guide coming out about every two weeks. They will lead you, step-by-step, through the process of achieving one’s yurt dream.

There are two ways you can find out when a new guide is released. You can watch for an announcement in a blog post, or, to make sure you don’t miss it, you can sign up for our email list and you will be notified by email when there is a new release in the series. When you sign up to the list, you will receive a free copy of our guide to different alternative housing styles, which you don’t need as you have already decided on a yurt, but it gets you on the list for the Yurt Dream Guide series. Who knows…as a bonus you might actually enjoy the report!

There are two ways to sign up for our email list. When you first come to JuicyMaters, if your computer has cleared your cookies since your last visit, you will first see a page offering the report in exchange for you signing up. If you elect to enter JuicyMaters without signing up, that’s OK…and you won’t see the report offering page again (unless you clear your cookies…then it shows up once on your next visit). If you decide later that you want to get it, either use the signup form in the right sidebar OR go to this URL and you will get the signup page again:

Again, thanks for your kind words…and keep coming back!


So, now you know what the change in the landing page is all about, AND you know how to get the free alternative housing report AND how to get more yurt information.  Aren’t “three-fers” great?

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