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I am not a doctor and hasn’t even played one on TV, nor at this point in his life is he a considered a medical professional (though he WAS in the first class of Emergency Medical Technicians to graduate from EMT school in Georgia WAAAAAYYY back in ancient times…the 1970’s).  Any medical advice given here should be considered the opinion of a layperson, and checked with your own doctor, especially if you have ongoing chronic health issues.

With that said, I do practice what I preach, and have found any “home remedies” I suggest here to be effective, at least for me. ~ Bob Hayles

Small editorial note:  Isn’t it a shame that I even have to write the above disclaimer?  That’s your government…and your tax dollars…at work, protecting us from ourselves…bh

I was reminded this past week that many food items can also be used as a “home remedy”, fixing many of the things that fall under the heading of “What ails you”.  I rarely have any stomach discomfort, nausea, or pain, so when I Sauerkraut...the REAL thing!do I really notice it.  Well, I got up last Saturday not feeling exactly spiffy, and over the next hour or so I went from “not spiffy” to downright miserable.  Stomach cramping, nausea on the verge of…well, never mind…you get the idea.  Lastly, let’s just say that getting far from plumbing would NOT have been a very good idea, OK?

Now, I make a couple hundred pounds of homemade, lacto-fermented, NOT pasteurized, real-thing sauerkraut each year so I always have some around the house.  As Alton Brown would say, its “good eats”, whether its kraut and frankfurters on the grill or bacon, eggs, and kraut for breakfast…don’t say “Blech!” ’til you’ve tried it…good, homemade sauerkraut is one yummy food!

A special note to those who think they hate kraut:  If all you have ever had is the garbage sold at the supermarket, either refrigerated in plastic bags (yuck!) or even worse, canned (double triple yuck) you don’t really have a clue what real sauerkraut tastes like.  If you are lucky, like my friends are, you will know someone who makes kraut…makes enough to share some with you.  If not, well you can always use my recipe that can be found here.

Sorry…I digress.  We’re talking home remedies here, not good eats.

Anyway, occasionally I have friends who are having stomach issues, some small, some large (the issues, not the stomachs…I wouldn’t call my friends stomachs “large”) and my response is always the same.  I hand them a quart of sauerkraut, that wonderful, lacto-fermented, tasty SUPERFOOD and suggest they consume a big ol’ forkful each morning as a regular start to their day.  I tell them that, in my unprofessional opinion, their stomach discomfort will be gone before the quart of sauerkraut is.

And it works.  Really…it works!

So the other day I decided to take my own medicine, figuratively if not literally.  Now there are two ways to look at it, depending on your choice of which old saying you prefer (Don’t you love “old sayings”?  Many are complete BS, but many others contain a lot of wisdom.)

  • First old saying that might apply:  Doctor, heal thyself.
  • Second old saying that might (though I hope not) apply:  A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient!

So I  broke out a quart of sauerkraut and dug in.  THREE big forkfuls of the stuff…one medicinal and two because it was so GOOD!  And you know what?  Here I am, three days later, with less than a quarter of a jar of kraut gone, and my stomach is feeling just fine…all spiffy again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have a second dose of sauerkraut.  I know, I know…its only 7:50 am but I’m already gonna have a second forkful.  Preventative medicine, you know!

So, what do y’all think of home remedies…this one and others?  Let us know in the comment section below…and share any that you know of that you use around your home as well, OK?

All about Bob the nutjob!

Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

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  1. So afater that tease where you tell us the wonders of ‘real’ saurkraut and the evils of commercial, store-bought, why leave us hanging? Where do we get the real stuff.

  2. Ralph wrote:

    So afater that tease where you tell us the wonders of ‘real’ saurkraut and the evils of commercial, store-bought, why leave us hanging? Where do we get the real stuff.

    Well Ralph…if you don’t know anybody that makes it, you might try making your own. There is a link in the post…about halfway down the page…to a post from a while back giving instructions.



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