Mar 192013

If you get my (or anyone else’s) RSS feed…and even if you don’t.

This is not a techie post, I promise.  Shoot…Luddite that I am I probably couldn’t write a techie post if I wanted to, anyway.Google Frrd Reader, R.I.P.

I don’t know exactly how many, but a fair number of you keep up with what’s new on JuicyMaters via Google Reader.  That will soon be changing, and we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.  Some of you (and I do know exactly how many do this), subscribe to my email list.  There’s not a lot of you that, do it… nowhere near as many as the regular readers I have… and I can understand that.  Way too many folks spam their email lists with a lot of what can only be called garbage. You find yourself opening email after email after email originating at a blog that you enjoy and find there is absolutely nothing there except a constant barrage of “Buy this!”, “Buy this!”, “Buy this!”.

It’s no wonder people are wary about getting on email lists. Heck, I believe in email lists, and even I hesitate sometimes to sign up for one.

If all of you readers of JuicyMaters actually knew each other, and could talk to each other, the people who are on my email list would assure the ones who are not that I do not spam them.  Frankly, the people on my list rarely hear from me.  Oh sure, I’ve made some attempts over the last few years to put out a newsletter… First it was going to be a monthly newsletter, and when I didn’t do that, I decided to just do a newsletter that came out at random times.  I wound up not doing that either.  There are many things you could say I am, but what I am definitely NOT is a spammer.


All of this leads back to where I started this post, talking about RSS feeds, and the people who subscribe to the JuicyMaters RSS feed, usually via Google Reader.  For you folks, I hate to tell you, but Google has decided to do away with Google Reeder.  Google made that announcement on March 13, and said that Google Reader would cease to exist. Effective July 1.

Google Reader…RIP.

Rather than crying over spilled milk…or spilled RSS feeds, as the case may be…it presents me with an opportunity to ask you folks to do something…subscribe to my email list.  Thanks to the death of Reader, it is going to see a LOT more use.  Instead of relying on Reader to keep you folks informed about the goings-on here at JuicyMaters,  I’ll take care of it through email…and NO, I won’t be spamming you!  I’ll be sending out emails that have good solid information on topics you find here at JuicyMaters. A rundown of what to expect (and not to expect) from a JuicyMaters email:

  • For those who like what is found here at JuicyMaters, the emails will be a lot like the main page here…snippets of articles found on JuicyMaters, and a link to the full article back here at the blog.

  • While the main page here at the site has snippets of the last five articles, in reverse order, the list of 5 articles in the email will be topped by a snippet of the most recent article, like here, but the next four will be randomly selected from the past 4 years with an eye towards mixing up articles from the different categories.
  • While I do have advertising here, and while I do endorse products I own, use, and believe in, whether they are advertisers or not…whether I make a commission or not…I don’t “push” here.  The same applies to my emails.  I am not a pushy salesman here and I am not a pushy salesman in my emails either.  When I tell you folks about something and there is a link to the item, I may (or may not) be getting paid for the ad…but I assure you that any commissions I make are secondary to telling you about a great, useful item that will further your yurt, homesteading, or cooking life.
  • And finally…who knows?  I might just send y’all an email just to say “Hi!”

So…if you get my RSS feed with Google Reader (or even if you don’t), jump on over in the sidebar to your right and sign up for the JuicyMaters email list!  (Psssttt…if you need any more incentive, sometimes I run giveaways of stuff over there…really cool stuff, too!)

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Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

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