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Redefining your Bathroom: Rustic Edition


Going all-out to redesign and completely renovate your bathroom to reflect your love for rustic décor is not necessary.  You can add a few touches here and some decorations there and make a significant difference.  Take, for example, some window shutters made of unfinished and older wood.  While not drastically changing the room or an expensive addition it certainly makes a difference and really livens-up the bathroom.  If you’re short on other rustic bathroom ideas, consider some of these as well:

  • Mirror bordered by unfinished wood

For bathrooms with a simple hanging mirror that doesn’t really fit the rustic theme you want to promote, a wood bordered mirror can certainly fill that void.  Depending on your preference there are a number of different texture and color combinations that can work well in this situation.  Muted earth tones create an interior which is both warm and rustic.  Check out three examples below:

  • Wooden shelf

As you likely knew prior, older-looking wood and the rustic style go hand in hand.  A wooden shelf for your towels, shampoo and body wash, toiletries, and other necessary bathroom materials is an effective way to inject rustic appeal into your bathroom area.  If you’ve got cabinets, drawers and other nooks to store bathroom goods, a simple three-shelf wooden shelf can be placed on the floor and against any wall in the bathroom.  Storing folded towels on these shelves can look neat, clean, and emit rustic charm for the bathroom.


  • Vintage wood door

Even if you don’t live in a log home or cabin, a vintage wooden door can still work well with other floor and wall combinations that are not necessarily rustic.  Replacing that plain white bathroom door with a vintage wood door can act as the cornerstone to your newly modified rustic bathroom.  Install a rusty (rusty-looking, not actually rusty) iron towel hook on the bathroom side of the door, as iron and old-looking wood are another perfect combination for rustic décor.  While it will probably cost a bit more than the previous two décor suggestions a vintage wood door can make an extremely attractive addition to your bathroom.

When going with the rustic theme for any room, not exclusively dealing with the bathroom, the options are limitless. J ust be sure to remain within the framework of muted colors, limiting clutter and excessive pieces of decor, and accentuating nature.  With these central tenets in mind, you will soon be surprised at how quickly you can remodel and redecorate your bathroom with a lively, rustic theme.

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  1. Depending on your preference there are a number of different texture and color combinations that can work well in this situation. – David Slone


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