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You know, you folks that visit JuicyMaters are really awesome people.  From the day I started this blog almost 5 years ago I have often said that JuicyMaters is not just a bunch of visitors… It’s a bison and calf

We are a family of people with varied interests. Some of you come to JuicyMaters for tips on DIY home repairs. Some of the JuicyMaters family comes to take a look and see what new recipes I’ve put up. Some of you are looking for homesteading information, and of course many are looking for the latest posts about yurts. With all of that said, I believe you all have one thing in common.

All of you are either living a simple, frugal, homesteading style life, or you are at least interested in it.  One of the great things about a homesteading lifestyle is that homesteaders have an old-fashioned sense of community.  We know that no man, or family, can live as an island… That we all need help from other members of the community sometimes.  Well, a member of our homesteading style community needs our help.

There is a farm out in California, Linder Bison and Heritage Ranch, and it raises…  you guessed it…  bison.  Open range, natural, heritage animals that were nearly extinct not that many years ago.

Kathy and Ken Linder operate a cattle…er, bison…ranch that supplies bison meat to their customers.  They raise animals in a humane manner, on a working, sustainable farm that is herbicide, pesticide, and chemical-in-general free.  Bison raised like this provide a healthy, lean meat that has an actual connection to our heritage, our culture.  Also, speaking from personal experience it is also a great tasting meat.

Kathy and Ken did this on their 220 acre ranch that they built from nothing, using their life’s savings, and they did it with love…love for the land, love for the animals, and love for the simple, frugal lifestyle that JuicyMaters is so fond of promoting.  They even have put their ranch into trust, for generations to come.  After the Linders the ranch, with its bison, will still exist as it is…a home for the bison that are raised naturally, not turned into just another piece of monocrop dirt producing corporate food.

Then…disaster struck.

Their well failed.  The 600 ft deep well that provided water for 120 acres of biodiverse pasture and another 100 acres used to raise winter hay for the herd, along with supplying water for the animals themselves and the rest of the ranch, went dry.


The Linders spent $25,000.00 trying to repair the well to no avail.  Still no water.  No water means the beautiful, nutrient rich pasture dried up, as did the 100 acres  that was supposed to be growing the winter wheat, along with water for the animals.

The bottom line is they need to either pull the old well casing out and replace it or start from scratch and drill a new well, and that is expensive.

Also, the expenses continue…$200.00 a day just for grass hay for the bison, and that is before we even consider the costs of re-establishing the pasture and winter hay field after thet get the life-sustaining new water.  That will take time AND money after the well is drilled.

So, what I’m asking of the JuicyMaters family is…

That you guys make a donation.  Linder Bison and Heritage Ranch has a fundraiser going on at IndieGoGo, a reputable crowdfunding website.  You can get to the Linder Bison IndieGoGo donation page by CLICKING HERE.

At that page you will find more information about the ranch and the Linders, along with exactly how your donation will be used.  IndieGoGo crowdfundraisers are time limited, and the Linder Bison fundraiser ends on January 20, 2014, and there is over $100,000.00 left to be raised, so please go on over and donate now.

Com’on family, help these folks out.

P.S. Passing this along to your friends would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Bob is a N Georgia blogger, homesteader, yurt liver, self-sufficiency nutjob, pig farmer, political activist, politician baiter...and the best damn cook you know that doesn't make a living at it.He can be followed onTwitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page.

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  1. Folks, think nothing of it. I’ve been where you are. Before my health went downhill I was a small (tiny would be more accurate) scale farmer with a 20 head dairy goat herd. My well never went dry, but I had a few problems and the whole sustainable agriculture community gave a lot of support (especially Pete Kennedy of the FTCLDF. I was their first member).

    Sustainable agriculture is important, and under constant pressure as you folks know from the whole “freezer space” issue. We must stick together.

    Blessings…and a very, very merry Christmas!

  2. Dear Bob, Unless you count tears, we are speechless at such generosity in trying to help us restore water to the ranch.. It’s hard to find the words to thank you for reaching out to your community visitors on our behalf. We are deeply touched and thank you so very much for your caring heart. Abundant blessings to you and yours, Kathy & Ken Lindner, Lindner Bison Heritage Ranch

  3. Very compelling, very well put! I agree with the Lindners that Bob, you have a golden heart.
    Now I hope that your readers also have open hearts and especially the gusto to help keep this gem of a farm alive. Every dollar counts, the goal is high, but so is the benefit and the loss of this farm would be tragic.

  4. Felix, losing farms like the Linder’s costs far more that simply a food source. After all, in the grand scheme of things the only physical loss would be one food source for a relatively small geographic area.

    But its far more than a physical loss of a food source. Its the loss of one of the few places where an animal that faced extinction early in my life is being brought back…and not only brought back, but brought back in as natural a way possible. It is the loss of one of a dwindling number of small, sustainable farms left in this country. It is the loss of a place where a tradition of self-sustainability is cultured and continued.

    Losing Linder Bison and Heritage Ranch would be far more than the loss of a tasty bison burger.


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