Apr 182015

Well folks, just a short note here as I still can’t see very well to type, but I wanted to let the folks that are waiting for the yurt book know what is going on and when to expect it.

My eye surgeries are done, and I’m in recovery mode now.  My doctor says it will be about a month before everything has settled down in my eyes and I can expect to be able to see well again.  He says I may…or may not…be able to see well enough before then to get back to my finishing up the book and doing the final edit before publishing it.  It looks like I’ll be able to work on it again in mid-May which means the publication date will be somewhere around the end of May to the middle of June.

For those who have been waiting for me to settle on a publishing format, that is done.  While the book MAY at some point come out in a physical, bound book style, at least initially it will be a Kindle book available on Amazon.  The final price has not been set but the Amazon Kindle version that will come out initially will be under $10.00 and MAY be avai8lable through the Amazon Lending Library for those of you who are Amazon Prime members.

Get outside and enjoy spring, folks…and get those veggie gardens in.  There will be a post soon about just how important a home garden is about to become very, very soon.

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  1. I hope you feel better. Let us know over at Yurt Forum when your book it out and I will give ya a plug!

  2. Thanks Jeff…almost back to good as new

    Sorry for the delay in answering…been out of town for a week attending the funeral of a good friend. I didn’t even look at the sites since last Sunday.

  3. Feel better soon!


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