Jan 102017
Why and how to raise pigs

Okay … Right off the bat I need to admit it.  This post is self-serving.  I wrote a book and I want y’all to buy it, but only if you have a use for it though.  A lot of the information here on JuicyMaters is homesteading related and many of y’all may be considering raising a few head of livestock and pigs are ideal for the small landowner/homesteader/micro-farmer.  This is perfect for you.  It covers everyting from breed selection to breeding, birthing and raising pigs to frugal pig housing, micro-pasture management and health issues.  The book has it all.

Why and how to raise pigs

My new book on why and how to raise pigs.
Amazon Kindle link:

For my friends here…for those members of the JuicyMaters family…that visit JuicyMaters for the yurt information, I owe you an apology.  I’ve promised you a book on yurts for quite a while.  Each time I started it I just couldn’t seem to push thru and give you a good book.

That has (I think) changed.  On this pig book I changed writing software and now I just have to write, not pay attention to a bunch of technical detail on book construction.  The yurt book will make an appearance…soon.

For you homesteader, self-sufficiency members of the JuicyMaters family who are considering raising livestock for a micro-farm, this book leads you thru all you need to know in order to successfully raise pigs, the ideal homesteaders’ livestock (after chickens).  Whether you are raising one or two a year for your freezer or breeding them to sell live piglets to others this book is a good how-to manual for newbie pig farmers.

The book starts with selecting an appropriate breed and covers breeding, raising piglets, raising feeder/growers, and maintaining breeding stock.  It covers pasture needs and maintenance.

Pigs are a simple, healthy, hearty animal that rarely has health issues, but the book also covers pig disease prevention and treatment, along with the associated topic of biosecurity.

If you decide to buy the book please review it on Amazon (it is currently available only on Kindle, but should be in print shortly) and come back to this post and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the book.

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