Mar 192013
Some info for my regular (RSS) and the future ones

If you get my (or anyone else’s) RSS feed…and even if you don’t. This is not a techie post, I promise.  Shoot…Luddite that I am I probably couldn’t write a techie post if I wanted to, anyway. I don’t know exactly how many, but a fair number of you keep up with what’s new on JuicyMaters via Google Reader.  That will soon be changing, and we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.  Some of you (and I do know exactly how many do this), subscribe to my email list.  There’s not a lot of you that, do it… nowhere near

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Feb 012013
I don't know why...I cried

I was fooling around on the internet a while ago…I was actually trying to kill time, avoiding doing any work on my websites…and I ran across a story about Billy Grahm (actually it was a joke involving him…a CLEAN, funny joke)…and at the same time I was listening to Pandora. I have a channel on Pandora named “Southern Gospel Radio and I was listening to it in the background and someone came on singing “How Great Thou Art”. Well…I WAS reading the Billy Grahm joke with that song in the background (one of my favorite songs BTW. My mom had

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Jan 112013
2013..two additions for JuicyMaters!

I’ve mentioned here…often…that I think of my readers here at JuicyMaters as a sort of extended virtual family.  The comments here (not enough of them, by the way.  What’s wrong?  The cat have your collective tongues?) and the emails you folks send usually have a homey type feel to them, much like talking to family, friends, and neighbors…and I like that.  The best complement I have received about JuicyMaters in the almost 4 years since I started this website was by someone who said visiting here was like being part of a conversation among friends. Over time, the JuicyMaters family grows,

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Aug 152012
About android phones...where's my sign?

            Yes…the post title up there…”Where’s my sign?”…is a reference to the comedy routine “Here’s your sign” of Bill Ingvall’s fame. I think I’m going to have to get one…a sign…made for myself, and soon. You see, I’m something of a Luddite. No…let me correct that…I’m a LOT of a Luddite. Remember WAAAAY back in the last century…along about 1998 and 1999…when all of the dire predictions about how Y2K was going to bring down the electricity grid, was going to kill all of the phones, was going to put all cars on the side of

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