Apr 102011
Putting in a garden and “putting by”

Smart gardeners work with, not against, what they have. Sure, we amend soil with nutrients…NATURAL nutrients, not chemical garbage produced in a lab. A common term for what we do with soil is “building” good soil, and that is what we do…build, not deplete and destroy.

A good example is my garden area…

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Mar 182011
The four cornerstones of a self sufficient homestead

Before you can deal with the day to day homestead issues however, you must first have a homestead to live on and run, and like any other place you live, a homestead needs a substantial foundation. I’m not talking about a brick and mortar foundation under the physical dwelling, but rather the philosophical foundation that “homesteading” rests upon.

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Oct 192010

Blogging, be it about your homestead, bad poetry, space travel, or your funny old uncle, is a two part process. First you write it (you want it read, right?), then you publish it (you want it read, right?). Simple, right?

Well, the “writing it” part is simple (simple, not easy), but the publishing part has a few little quirks that keep it from being simple or easy.

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