Jul 162016
A new frugal living lesson learned

It’s really so simple I feel stupid for just “discovering” it.  I’m probably going to tell you folks something you already knew.  Ah well…I’ve been laughed at before… It’s that time of year when vegetable gardens are in full production here in north Georgia.  If you aren’t buried in zucchini squash right about now either 1.) You don’t have a garden with zucchini, or 2.) You don’t know anyone who does. Past vegetable gardening here at Mountain Crest Farm (the small, tiny farm where JuicyMaters originates) has consisted of growing veggies that only needed “straight” canning to keep.  That means

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Dec 242013
Granny's dinner rolls redux...not just for Thanksgiving!

This is a recipe from last Thanksgiving, but these are awesome and I thought I’d post it fresh for you folks wanting everything for Christmas dinner to be extra special, and might not have found them back in the archives. Important note…you have to start these TODAY, Christmas Eve,  to have them for Christmas dinner. I know this recipe seems late since I’ve named these dinner rolls “Thanksgiving dinner rolls”, but first, they are quick and easy so you can get the recipe the day before Thanksgiving and still serve them (and have the satisfaction of hearing a lot of

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Dec 172013

Some of you…perhaps most of you…are not only foodies, but healthy food foodies, and you try to supply your family with nutritious, safe food. A few of you have more than a passing interest in keeping your pantry healthy and go out of your way to feed your family right. I have considered myself to be in that group for the last decade or so, both because I want to put generally healthy meals on the family table and because I am diabetic and want to eat right to keep it under semi-control. I say semi-control because I made a

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Mar 192013
Some info for my regular (RSS) readers...now and the future ones

If you get my (or anyone else’s) RSS feed…and even if you don’t. This is not a techie post, I promise.  Shoot…Luddite that I am I probably couldn’t write a techie post if I wanted to, anyway. I don’t know exactly how many, but a fair number of you keep up with what’s new on JuicyMaters via Google Reader.  That will soon be changing, and we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.  Some of you (and I do know exactly how many do this), subscribe to my email list.  There’s not a lot of you that, do it… nowhere near

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Sep 082012
Look at the bouncing baby...tomatos?

Ya know, folks…I’ve never claimed to have a good memory. I know He did it for a reason, because God doesn’t make mistakes, but for some reason He saw fit to not install the memory module in me when He was doing the final assembly work. This was brought home to me…again…today while I was canning tomatos, my first canning of the season.   I know, I know…its awfully late to be starting my seasonal canning, but I had garden problems, and then there was the poor results, then there was…ah, never mind the excuses, I was just lazy! Anyway,

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