Aug 022012

Many homesteading, self sufficiency types ask me about honey and how to produce it at the homestead level. Unfortunately, back when I was in the honey business it was pre-JuicyMaters and I was focused on actually taking care of my 66 hives, and there are no pictures or video. The video below gives a good time line of the steps in harvesting honey, though on a much larger scale and with automated equipment. For a homestead type situation, 2-3 hives is perfect…plenty of honey without a lot of expense. Plus…I’m in love with

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Apr 172012
Truly...a bacon-wrapped Eureka Moment!

…but I gotta tell y’all, this guy has a handle on solving one of BBQ’ing’s most vexing problems…how to cook bacon-wrapped foods without burning the house down or having a new delicacy…”Raw Pork With Burned Scxallops”.

Since we ARE talking BBQ, I would have much preferred he throw around words like “Bubba” and Budweiser”, but I suppose we can put up with his being a little stuffy if it solves a cooking dilemma problem, right?

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Dec 142011
Who ARE y'all, anyway?

When I ask “who are y’all”, it is YOU I am asking.  Not some other person who might be reading this a city or state or even country away from you..and not even that visiting neighbor who is reading this over your shoulder, but YOU! You see…I kinda know who you are in a general sort of way.  The software I use to maintain my websites tells me  little about my readers.  For example, I know that 86% of my readers use the Firefox browser.  I know that my “average” reader is a 34 year old stay at home mom,

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May 042011

I didn’t see how a recipe so simple could produce such rich and complex flavors, but it does…so don’t pass this by without trying it at least once. I think you’ll find yourself making it over and over. It’s a staple in north African countries, and now will be in my kitchen. It probably will be in yours as well.

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