Apr 182015

Well folks, just a short note here as I still can’t see very well to type, but I wanted to let the folks that are waiting for the yurt book know what is going on and when to expect it. My eye surgeries are done, and I’m in recovery mode now.  My doctor says it will be about a month before everything has settled down in my eyes and I can expect to be able to see well again.  He says I may…or may not…be able to see well enough before then to get back to my finishing up the

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Mar 052015

Hi folks…I just wanted to write y’all a short note about the book The Yurt: From Dreaming ABOUT It to Dreaming IN it.  Due to some eyesight related health issues the book has been delayed. As I had told you in my last post, the book’s release was planned on March 1st, which obviously has passed.  Shortly after announcing that release date I discovered it was getting increasingly difficult to see things like a computer screen and keyboard (no, I never learned to touch type…I have to watch my fingers and the keys). While the book was nearing completion when

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Dec 112014

Its been long promised, but its FINALLY (almost) here…my complete, everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink, guide to deciding-on-preparing-to-build-building-finishing-the-interior-and-ENJOYING book about yurts. I give you other alternative housing ideas, just so you consider ALL your options when looking for “something different” in the style of your anticipated home.  We discuss all the legal issues surrounding yurts, from zoning to financing to insurance and more.  We cover site planning, foundation, and construction, with a special section on

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Dec 192013
Yurt living: Staying toasty warm with radiant floor heating

Folks who’ve been reading JuicyMaters for any length of time, especially the ones who focus on my posts about my yurt, know that I have a hydronic radiant floor for heating during the winter. As I’ve written before, I am very happy with having made the choice to use radiant floor heat. With that said, as with anything else, there is room for improvement over the way I designed my floor the first time. I am tweaking that design in the bedroom yurt I am adding to my “main yurt”.  Let’s talk about how to take a good system, a

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Oct 242013
Building a house...I mean yurt...again.  Getting started.

I’m going to TRY to keep y’all up to date on the progress (its slow, I know) of the yurt addition I am adding here at the JuicyMaters homestead.  I keep trying to remember to take pictures of everything as I add the bedroom/yurt to what was the entire yurt home until I married a gal named Cindy and her daughter, Sarah, but sometimes I forget. A note here on the room in a yurt.  Its great for one person, and its great for two, and it might even be great for a couple with a baby, but for two

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