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This section of JuicyMaters is a work-in-progress.
If you see this notice, its not done yet.

For folks new to JuicyMaters, I have two things to say:  Welcome!..and where ya been!??  Before we get started here though, I need to say something to my long-time readers.

Friends, JuicyMaters has 4 categories…Eureka Moments, Family Homesteading, In the Kitchen, and Yurt Yak.  It used to have seventeen!  When I started JuicyMaters I didn’t understand how this blogging thing worked and I had a LOT to say, so…17 topic categories.  That was soon cut to 5, rather than the current 4, because I was still stuck on keeping politics, so that stayed.

Over a couple of years I realized my audience…you folks…came here primarily to read about two things.  Yurts and homesteading.  The cooking category got a good number of readers and, to my surprise, some of you seemed to enjoy “Eureka Moments”, the rambling thoughts of a north Georgia redneck…me.  What most of you did not come here for was politics, so the political category on JuicyMaters went away.

For the ones who did enjoy the politics, I split that category off into its own blog, and it can be found at Common Sense Conversation.  The political discussion there is lively, civil, and the editorial policy is decidedly libertarian.

I say all of that to say this:

The prepper/home defense portion of JuicyMaters is not intended to be political in any way. It is simply one skillset that I believe every person who homesteads, or wants to, should have in their toolkit.  You are not going to hear about TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It) theory and you are not going to hear rants about this or that aspect of government or corporations destroying liberties and establishing some kind of new world order. That’s not what these pages are all about.

A large part of JuicyMaters is about homesteading, and homesteading is about collecting and using a set of skills to help take care of a family in as self-sufficient a manner as possible. Taking care of your family includes protecting them to as great an extent as possible, from evil in the world…be it from a tyrannical government or just the local drug addict stealing money to support his drug habit.

Taking care of your family doesn’t even have to be about protecting it from evil. It can be being prepared for the effects of natural disasters. “Home defense”, in the view of JuicyMaters (AKA Bob), is simply taking care of and protecting your family from anything that would do them harm.  Another “in vogue” term for it would be “prepping”.

Sure, it could be an event that triggered TEOTWAWKI…socioeconomic collapse, a war or civil unrest, or a contagious disease or virus, but it could just as easily be something as simple as a bad snowstorm that shut you in without power for a week or two, or your home is severely damaged by a flood or a fire.

Some things that will be discussed are not at all controversial… Food storage, for example. Other aspects of home defense are indeed controversial, like discussions about firearms. Personally, I am a strong Second Amendment proponent, and believe that every household ought to include firearms in their home defense planning… BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT.  All you need to get something out of the JuicyMaters’ Home Defense pages is a desire to take care of yourself and your family.

As has been said at many an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I have attended…“Take what you can use and leave the rest.”

With that out of the way, let’s talk about prepping and home defense.

We will look at several aspects of home defense.  They can be accessed either through The Homesteader As A “Prepper” dropdown menu in the menu bar at the top of this page, or by clicking on an item below.

Defensive tools:  Firearms and your body
There are three aspects to using a firearm as a home defense tool.  The first thing to consider are the legal aspects of owning a firearm and using it to defend your home, the second is choosing which firearm or firearms you should choose as your tool(s), and the third is education…learning to use the tool effectively.  Using your body as a weapon is similar, with the added consideration of having the right mindset.  All are discussed in this section.

Food preservation as a defenseive tool
Regardless of what kind of disaster occurs…severe weather knocking out power and blocking roads for a few days or a major natural disaster like an earthquake that ruins infrastucture for weeks, months, or longer or a man made disaster like an economic collapse, having food on hand for medium to long term is a critical part of real home defense.

Self healthcare as a defensive tool
Severe weather related injuries, injuries received during a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane,or tornado, injuries caused by civil unrest or societal breakdown, or illnesses that happen during any of these occurences can leave you as the only healthcare provider for your family and yourself.  Learn how to “be your own doctor” if it is ever necessary.

Communications as a defensive tool
When power goes out, for whatever reason, your ability to communicate goes out along with it…either immediately or at best, when the battery on your cell phone goes dead.  Being self-sufficient doesn’t mean being isolationist…we all have dependancies on others in our community…both close by and at a long distance.  Here we will talk about staying in touch with others when regular communications are not available.

Buying and bartering as a defensive tool
No matter how self-sufficient we are we all occasionally need “stuff”.  Few homesteaders’ gardens grow enough wheat to have a supply of flour and I don’t know anyone here around me that produces coffee beans…and coffee is not optional!  Those things must be purchased with some form of currency, and there are only three currencies in the world:  Money, time, and “stuff”, or things we can barter.  Here we address these currencies and how to make sure we always have at least one of them.

Home setup as a defensive tool
“Home setup” as it relates to taking care of your family in an emergency is not about how much ammunition to keep at home (which is covered under Firearms as a defensive tool) or how much of what kind of food to keep on hand (covered under Food preservation as a defensive tool).  It is about the simple things one might easily overlook…until they are needed.  For example how to maintain heat in a small space without electricity or gas (natural or propane), or the least resource intensive lighting during a power failure are important but often forgotten considerations in caring for your family in an emeegency.  That, and more, is covered here.

Home defense away from home
No matter what occurance makes your home defense planning necessary…a criminal attacking your family, a severe weather event that damages large parts of infrastructure, a natural disaster, or worse, it will not necessarily happen while you are at home, sitting in your living room with all your home defense preparations around you within easy reach.  You need to also be prepared for such events while 5-10-20 miles away from home, at work, or 500-1000 or more miles away on vacation.  Here we’ll address “away from home defense”.

A final note:

Neither this page, nor ANY page in the Home Defense section of JuicyMaters has the “Comments” section open.  No, I don’t consider myself any kind of home defense “expert” or “guru”, and yes, I am open to suggestions and corrections, but…

Since some topics covered here, like firearms as a home defense tool, possibility of political disasters like economic collapse, etc. are subjects people often get passionate about, which can lead to arguments and a lack of courtesy in the comments section that have nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of home protection, comments are turned off.  Suggestions and/or factual corrections are still welcome though.  Please click the button below to send them to us.  Thanks.

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