Apr 122011
Amending soil:  Paying down principle or just paying interest?

As discussed in a previous post here, the first part of the solution was raised beds, making getting and keeping good soil and allowing for intensive gardening much easier. I strongly recommend it for everyone regardless of what you start with for soil.

Did I say soil? Let me correct a bit. What most of us start with isn’t soil, it is dirt…and there is a big difference.

Some clown once said soil is what is under your feet while dirt is what’s under your fingernails. Funny I suppose, but inaccurate.

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Apr 112011

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Apr 102011
Putting in a garden and “putting by”

Smart gardeners work with, not against, what they have. Sure, we amend soil with nutrients…NATURAL nutrients, not chemical garbage produced in a lab. A common term for what we do with soil is “building” good soil, and that is what we do…build, not deplete and destroy.

A good example is my garden area…

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Apr 092011
Yurt interior layout…practical considerations

Yurts scream for an open floor plan, but practical concerns want SOME walls for privacy, if nothing else to close off the ultimate private area…the bathroom. Company over for dinner doesn’t usually want to watch folks using it while they eat…LOL.

Beyond the bathroom, a yurt can be as open as you want, and most folks want a completely open design…the round space begs for it, as does the skylight. With that openness comes a few issues that can be dealt with using thought and imagination.

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Apr 052011
Two sweet old ladies and a deranged redneck

I was so excited that I had a solution to my problem that I woke up at 4:00 AM the following Saturday in anticipation of putting my plan in motion. I started getting ready about 7 o’clock, just in case they were early. I was peeking out the window every 5 minutes I was so excited.

Then…there they were! I hid behind the kitchen door, waiting for them to knock, and when the knock finally came, I threw open the door, and with a big smile on my face, announced loudly:

“Hallelujah…I’m ready to be saved! Y’all come on in and let’s talk!”

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