Apr 042011
Easy onion rings.  A simple fix

Have you ever tried to do something that you knew just had to be simple, but you are never quite able to get it right? That’s how I was about onion rings. Every greasy spoon diner and fast food joint in the world seems to find onion rings easy to make.

Not me. I always wound up with a mess I would have a pile of cooked, limp pieces of onion, and another pile of nicely browned, crisp batter that was supposed to be encasing the onion, but wasn’t.

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Mar 242011
BubbaRoberto’s Mexican Lasagna

This wonderfully quick and easy rib-stickin’ dish is a one pot (or on piece of cookware) meal that could more accurately be called a BubbaRoberto’s Enchilada Casserole…but I love lasagna, and since a prime flavor in it is oregano I’ve given it an Italian name.

Redneck Italian. There IS the whole “BubbaRoberto” (actually BubbaBob) thing ya’ know…

Anyway, call it what you want, and give it whatever ethnicity origin that floats your boat…this is just about as easy as a meal gets, and it’s good and filling. And cheap eats.

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Mar 212011
Need MORE evidence of Pacific Yurt quality?

Besides the beauty and livability of my yurt, I found while dealing with the Great Christmas Tree Strike of 2009 (covered in Part 1, here, and part 2, here) that Pacific Yurts are STRONG.

Well, its happened again. I’ll be writing a post soon about the continued assaults my trees seem intent on making on my humble abode, but briefly, there has been yet another tree strike (I’m thinking of taking my chainsaw out and making a meadow out of my wooded acres).

You’ll get the details later, but since many folks are deciding NOW which yurt company to do business with this year, I thought I’d share the following email I sent to Pacific Yurts last week. It’s a direct cut-and-paste, without even formatting correction. It will tell you…yet again…just how strong a Pacific Yurt is.

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Mar 182011
The four cornerstones of a self sufficient homestead

Before you can deal with the day to day homestead issues however, you must first have a homestead to live on and run, and like any other place you live, a homestead needs a substantial foundation. I’m not talking about a brick and mortar foundation under the physical dwelling, but rather the philosophical foundation that “homesteading” rests upon.

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