Mar 012011
My son claims to love me. Sometimes I wonder though…

I called my son yesterday. I was trapped in a 5×10 foot section of my living room, a victim of high humidity and slow-drying wood stain. I’ll tell y’all about the Great Floor Finishing Adventure in a few days…when it’s over, I recover, and sanity returns.

No smart cracks about little chance of the whole sanity thing happening soon, OK?

Anyway, being trapped where I was left me few entertainment options while I waited to escape.

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Feb 232011
5 reasons to avoid yurt living at all costs

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Bob has spent all this time writing all the Yurt Yak posts, extolling the virtues of yurt living, showing us the best company to buy a yurt from, and going over the details of how to actually build a yurt, and what does he do now?”

“He tells us to avoid yurt living at all costs.”

Well folks, while I am just as happy as a pig in slop with my decision to buy, build, and live in a yurt, I thought I might plant my tongue firmly in my cheek and tell you five reasons not to live in a yurt.

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Feb 172011
“Surprise, surprise, surprise!” – Gomer Pyle, a Great American

Sub-titled, “It’s about time Bob fixed this place up.”

Can we talk?

New visitors to JuicyMaters, first visiting here after 10:00 AM yesterday, might be a bit confused about the subtitle of this post. After all, looking this joint over for the first time you would think JuicyMaters is a pretty nice little blog to visit, right? Well, it is. Now.

For JuicyMaters’ regulars, however, “surprise, surprise, surprise!” was probably a mild reaction, because the place did, indeed, need “fixing up”. It was bad enough that expecting y’all to keep coming back might be called “visitor abuse”…except I don’t consider y’all visitors. You are friends.

Oh sure, if you looked hard enough you could dig out some pretty good information around here, but finding it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you ever read something that you wanted to come back to later you are a better (blog) archaeologist than the folks who discovered King Tut’s tomb if you actually found it again.

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Jan 302011

OK, OK… I know y’all are gonna give me a hard time about the name of the sauce, ”BubbaBob’s super simple white wine and mushroom sauce”. I’m sorry, but I just liked the juxtaposition of “Bubba ” Bob and white wine sauce.

The “hillbilly meets cosmopolitan” aspect just tickles my funny bone.

Anyway, whether you’re a country hick like me, or citified and cosmopolitan like Irish, my attractive, red-headed, 6 foot tall friend from the city, this is a sauce that, with a few tweaks here and there, will turn an ordinary chicken, pork, or beef dish into something special.

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Jan 292011
The top 5 commercials that drive me nuts!

Come on Abe…just be “Honest Abe” and answer the question…you don’t have to lie to stay out of trouble.

First, when his wife asked him, “Does this dress make my rear look big?”, he should have answered “No”, rather than squirming like a worm on a fish hook. It would have been the honest answer, and would not have gotten him in as much trouble as the equally honest, but more complete, “No, Mary, the dress does not make your butt look big. Your butt looks big because your butt IS big.”

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