Sep 112014
Batten down the hatches, a (solar) storm is coming!

Hi folks… As some of you know, I am a Ham radio operator, KM4DEO. As such, I keep up with some things that most would find odd, like sun spots, CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) and other things collectively known as “space weather”. Knowing this helps Hams know when the ionosphere has good conditions for radio contacts and on what frequencies radio contacts can most easily be made. Now, this means nothing to most of you most of the time. However, on rare occasions this kind of info can help everyone, not just Hams and other space weather geeks, and this

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Feb 262014
The Baker's Green Acres story, and a threat of violence by the DNR

I’m guessing at this since JuicyMaters covers cooking and yurts and homesteading, but I think most of my visitors here have at least a passing interest in all three. If you think about it, they are all related. People with a real interest in food usually have an interest in where it comes from, which leads to an interest in homesteading and producing your own food. People who are homesteaders generally have an affinity for a simple, frugal lifestyle, and yurts fits that perfectly. With that in mind, I’d like to tell all of my visitors, yurt types, homesteaders, and

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Feb 162014

The author, Paul Franklin, is a sort of friend…meaning he and I knew the same people while growing up without knowing each other.  He kept up with old friends, and I managed to reconnect with a few, and we have become friends because of one of those people. I count that as a good thing, as Paul’s attitude towards life and “things” give me an example of how I might tweak my way of thinking.  Every time I read something he’s written I am forced to stop and think, and usually wind up noting to myself that that is an

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Yes! It snows in Georgia!

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Jan 292014
Yes!  It snows in Georgia!

I know y’all don’t live in a cave, so you’ve seen the news today about the Great Atlanta Snowstorm (which wasn’t really that big, especially by northern standards, but it closed Atlanta!) Anyway, since you’ve seen all the pictures of the metro Atlanta area, I thought I’d share a few from up here in the mountains of north Georgia, home base of JuicyMaters: Its not often we get to build snowmen in Georgia, and when we do we dress ’em…er…strange! Downtown Jasper was blanketed in a pristine covering of the white stuff… Driver’s education in the south doesn’t cover driving

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Jan 022014
Antibacterial equals anti-healthy in soaps

For a long time I have chuckled every time I saw a bottle of hand sanitizer.  For a while, everywhere you looked, you saw a bottle of it… On desks, in work cubicles, on coffee tables, and laying on the front seat of half of the cars you saw. I think I decided that the height of the paranoia was when the entrance to

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