Mar 252013
Homestead Remedy DIY:  Grappling with gout

Gout is painful, VERY painful, sometimes to the point of being debilitating. The modern, allopathic medical solution is expensive and hit or miss in efficacy. Here is an old fashioned home remedy that is less expensive, simpler, doesn’t fill your body with more drugs…and works.

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Mar 192013
Some info for my regular (RSS) and the future ones

If you get my (or anyone else’s) RSS feed…and even if you don’t. This is not a techie post, I promise.  Shoot…Luddite that I am I probably couldn’t write a techie post if I wanted to, anyway. I don’t know exactly how many, but a fair number of you keep up with what’s new on JuicyMaters via Google Reader.  That will soon be changing, and we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.  Some of you (and I do know exactly how many do this), subscribe to my email list.  There’s not a lot of you that, do it… nowhere near

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Feb 182013

Restoring water flow in lime encrusted plumbing Out-Of-the-Box DIY is a new feature of JuicyMaters, beginning with this post.  It occurred to me that the Family Homesteading section of JuicyMaters was woefully lacking in specific how-to articles on how to FRUGALLY do DIY projects around the ol’ homestead…things that most folks, even homestead types, might hire a professional for because a simple, frugal fix is not apparent.  Whether it is a planned project or a sudden fix-it emergency, sometimes a frugal DIY type solution is not easily found, and this topic area will, hopefully, take care of at least a little bit

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Feb 082013
Homestead Remedy DIY:  sauerkraut for a sour stomach

I am not a doctor and hasn’t even played one on TV, nor at this point in his life is he a considered a medical professional (though he WAS in the first class of Emergency Medical Technicians to graduate from EMT school in Georgia WAAAAAYYY back in ancient times…the 1970’s).  Any medical advice given here should be considered the opinion of a layperson, and checked with your own doctor, especially if you have ongoing chronic health issues. With that said, I do practice what I preach, and have found any “home remedies” I suggest here to be effective, at least for

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Feb 012013
I don't know why...I cried

I was fooling around on the internet a while ago…I was actually trying to kill time, avoiding doing any work on my websites…and I ran across a story about Billy Grahm (actually it was a joke involving him…a CLEAN, funny joke)…and at the same time I was listening to Pandora. I have a channel on Pandora named “Southern Gospel Radio and I was listening to it in the background and someone came on singing “How Great Thou Art”. Well…I WAS reading the Billy Grahm joke with that song in the background (one of my favorite songs BTW. My mom had

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