Jan 112013
2013..two additions for JuicyMaters!

I’ve mentioned here…often…that I think of my readers here at JuicyMaters as a sort of extended virtual family.  The comments here (not enough of them, by the way.  What’s wrong?  The cat have your collective tongues?) and the emails you folks send usually have a homey type feel to them, much like talking to family, friends, and neighbors…and I like that.  The best complement I have received about JuicyMaters in the almost 4 years since I started this website was by someone who said visiting here was like being part of a conversation among friends. Over time, the JuicyMaters family grows,

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Dec 052012
Pack your bags...try yurt living without commitment!

Hi folks! I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as me and are looking forward to a great celebration of Christ’s birth!  I’m expecting a great Christmas and New Year and hope y’all are too! I’ve got a secret as to what is going to make New Years so fantastic here at JuicyMaters, and I’ll share that with you in the next couple of weeks, but right now I want to talk to the folks who visit JuicyMaters to get information about yurts. Are you beyond just interested in yurts?  Do you KNOW you want to own and live

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Sep 182012
The odd new landing page, and something about yurts!

Some of you may have seen a new landing page when you have come to JuicyMaters in the last several days. If you have been here before and haven’t cleared your cookies and/or browsing history, you may not have seen

anything different other than the alternative housing report available in the signup form in the right sidebar, BUT…

If you are new to JuicyMaters, or if you HAVE cleared your cookies, you have seen the big change…our WelcomeGate page, where you had the opportunity to sigh up for a report on alternative housing.

Rather than explain it all here AGAIN, here is a copy of a comment exchange between a very nice visitor and me that will explain it all.

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Sep 082012
Look at the bouncing baby...tomatos?

Ya know, folks…I’ve never claimed to have a good memory. I know He did it for a reason, because God doesn’t make mistakes, but for some reason He saw fit to not install the memory module in me when He was doing the final assembly work. This was brought home to me…again…today while I was canning tomatos, my first canning of the season.   I know, I know…its awfully late to be starting my seasonal canning, but I had garden problems, and then there was the poor results, then there was…ah, never mind the excuses, I was just lazy! Anyway,

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