Apr 042012
No, I'm not dead...blogging tech got me

Over time (a lot of time) doing a lot of research about web video, and after wasting money on the wrong video tools (too much money…money I really couldn’t afford to spend), I discovered two things:

First, there is a lot of really bad information out there on producing web video economically, from absolutely wrong information to reasonably good information written so only a real Geek could understand it (I am a dumb redneck…I speak Human, not Geek-lish) to tutorials written pretty clearly that cost an arm and a leg and that require you to spend ANOTHER arm and leg on the software and equipment needed for quality videos.

Second, a friend of mine named Ralph, who I collaborate with over at Cantankerous Old Coots, told me I had a web video related saleable product, that folks would pay me good money for…

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Goodbye, Jackie

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Dec 192011
Goodbye, Jackie

Longtime friends here at JuicyMaters knew Jackie.  She was a little halfbreed…more like 57 breed mix, really..dog that I got last year when she was about 6 weeks old.  Remember…I asked y’all for help naming her, being unable to do better than DAD…short for Dumb A** Dog…myself.  I got a few suggestions from y’all, and a threat from Irish, my 6 ft tall redheaded friend, that no matter what I BETTER get away from DAD, so the puppy wound up being named Jackie. Jackie was a small dog, around 20-25 lbs I would guess, and not really my type.  I

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Dec 142011
Who ARE y'all, anyway?

When I ask “who are y’all”, it is YOU I am asking.  Not some other person who might be reading this a city or state or even country away from you..and not even that visiting neighbor who is reading this over your shoulder, but YOU! You see…I kinda know who you are in a general sort of way.  The software I use to maintain my websites tells me  little about my readers.  For example, I know that 86% of my readers use the Firefox browser.  I know that my “average” reader is a 34 year old stay at home mom,

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Nov 292011
JuicyMaters' Yurt-ers, ahead of the curve

After doing my weekly new scan for several topics, including yurts, I discovered this week that the perception of us yurt-ers is changing, that we are being considered less weird, becoming more and more accepted, and looked at as being less and less…well…less and less “nuts”. We seem to have become just a bit ahead of the curve, and yurts are becoming “trendy”!


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Nov 272011
Homesteader types...a perfect scammer's target

Folks, homesteading is not quick or easy. It takes hard work and a bit of time to get a successful homestead up and running, and to become as self-sufficient as you want it to be. It is not quick or easy, but it can be done frugally, if a part of your frugal planning is to educate yourself on any ideas and products before spending money on what turns out to be a scam.

Y’all have a good…and frugal…day, and remember…

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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