Apr 172012
Truly...a bacon-wrapped Eureka Moment!

…but I gotta tell y’all, this guy has a handle on solving one of BBQ’ing’s most vexing problems…how to cook bacon-wrapped foods without burning the house down or having a new delicacy…”Raw Pork With Burned Scxallops”.

Since we ARE talking BBQ, I would have much preferred he throw around words like “Bubba” and Budweiser”, but I suppose we can put up with his being a little stuffy if it solves a cooking dilemma problem, right?

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May 272011
15 things to keep you busy on Memorial Day weekend

Reading time: 4-6 minutes   Memorial day weekend is here, and if you’re like me you sometimes find yourself wondering what to do on a holiday weekend, especially with everything you have to choose from in the summer. On the other hand, if you REALLY ARE like me you have bigger problems than just trying to fill your spare time on Memorial Day…problems like trying to avoid the men in the little white coats carrying straitjackets… Since you already have so many options for the weekend that you are probably walking around confused, trying to decide what to do and

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