Oct 192010

Blogging, be it about your homestead, bad poetry, space travel, or your funny old uncle, is a two part process. First you write it (you want it read, right?), then you publish it (you want it read, right?). Simple, right?

Well, the “writing it” part is simple (simple, not easy), but the publishing part has a few little quirks that keep it from being simple or easy.

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Aug 202010

First I’ll get the unpleasant part over with…the “I hate P-Dub” part.

I hate P-Dub because my blog got two hits yesterday (and one of them left a comment apologizing for stumbling in by accident), while P-Dub’s gets somewhere over a gazillion hits a month.

I don’t really know EXACTLY how many hits she gets, but I know it ends in “…illion” and “hundred” and “thousand” don’t end that way…shoot, they don’t even have a double L in them.

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