Sep 302011

Well folks…the technical difficulties have mostly been resolved and the weekly JuicyMaters Living live!” show is back.

“JuicyMaters Living live!” is a live streaming video podcast here at at 7pm eastern time every Thursday (see the link above in the menu). The show is recorded and available for viewing as a post in case you miss the live show.

The show is about different JuicyMaters topics each week, with this week’s show being about Homestead Livestock. Enjoy!

Viewing time approximately 31 minutes

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Mar 242011
BubbaRoberto’s Mexican Lasagna

This wonderfully quick and easy rib-stickin’ dish is a one pot (or on piece of cookware) meal that could more accurately be called a BubbaRoberto’s Enchilada Casserole…but I love lasagna, and since a prime flavor in it is oregano I’ve given it an Italian name.

Redneck Italian. There IS the whole “BubbaRoberto” (actually BubbaBob) thing ya’ know…

Anyway, call it what you want, and give it whatever ethnicity origin that floats your boat…this is just about as easy as a meal gets, and it’s good and filling. And cheap eats.

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Feb 232011
5 reasons to avoid yurt living at all costs

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Bob has spent all this time writing all the Yurt Yak posts, extolling the virtues of yurt living, showing us the best company to buy a yurt from, and going over the details of how to actually build a yurt, and what does he do now?”

“He tells us to avoid yurt living at all costs.”

Well folks, while I am just as happy as a pig in slop with my decision to buy, build, and live in a yurt, I thought I might plant my tongue firmly in my cheek and tell you five reasons not to live in a yurt.

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Jan 302011

OK, OK… I know y’all are gonna give me a hard time about the name of the sauce, ”BubbaBob’s super simple white wine and mushroom sauce”. I’m sorry, but I just liked the juxtaposition of “Bubba ” Bob and white wine sauce.

The “hillbilly meets cosmopolitan” aspect just tickles my funny bone.

Anyway, whether you’re a country hick like me, or citified and cosmopolitan like Irish, my attractive, red-headed, 6 foot tall friend from the city, this is a sauce that, with a few tweaks here and there, will turn an ordinary chicken, pork, or beef dish into something special.

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