Yurt foundation…pier and post

 Posted by at 4:10 pm  Yurt Yak
Aug 272010

So…you have decided to put your yurt on a crawlspace foundation. Smart move.

“Of course YOU think its smart, Bob…just because YOU did it, it must be the right way…the ONLY way, right?”

“Go sit in the corner…I don’t have to listen to you yap. I gave good reasons in the site/foundation section for a crawlspace. Go back and read it if you were asleep during that discussion.”

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Aug 202010

Some of MY reasons for selecting the site and foundation I did may not apply to you in your situation, so I’ll tell you WHY I made the decisions I did. You may choose differently…I don’t know EVERYTHING, ya know.

…I heard that snide comment from the back of the room. I know I USED to say,”If I didn’t know it, it wasn’t worth knowing”, but I haven’t said that in…well…er…let’s just say I haven’t said it in a long time. OK?

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