Aug 022012

Many homesteading, self sufficiency types ask me about honey and how to produce it at the homestead level. Unfortunately, back when I was in the honey business it was pre-JuicyMaters and I was focused on actually taking care of my 66 hives, and there are no pictures or video. The video below gives a good time line of the steps in harvesting honey, though on a much larger scale and with automated equipment. For a homestead type situation, 2-3 hives is perfect…plenty of honey without a lot of expense. Plus…I’m in love with

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Mar 242011
BubbaRoberto’s Mexican Lasagna

This wonderfully quick and easy rib-stickin’ dish is a one pot (or on piece of cookware) meal that could more accurately be called a BubbaRoberto’s Enchilada Casserole…but I love lasagna, and since a prime flavor in it is oregano I’ve given it an Italian name.

Redneck Italian. There IS the whole “BubbaRoberto” (actually BubbaBob) thing ya’ know…

Anyway, call it what you want, and give it whatever ethnicity origin that floats your boat…this is just about as easy as a meal gets, and it’s good and filling. And cheap eats.

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