May 202011
Ya know…I kinda like y’all!

You see, I like writing this blog, and since you are here reading it I assume you like what I write. It is sort of a symbiotic relationship. I write stuff, and you read my stuff, and we support each other that way.

The only way we can do that is for both of us, you and I, to be able to do our part, and that is what this blog post is all about… Staying able to do our part.

In case you all haven’t noticed, my posting has been a bit sporadic. Sometimes you will see two or three posts in a week, and sometimes you’ll be lucky to see two or three new posts in a month. Off and on, I have been having some cognitive thinking issues for about a year, and in the last two or three months the frequency and intensity of my “altered mental state” (fancy medical jargon for “more nuts than usual”) have been getting closer together and lasting longer.

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