Dec 142011
Who ARE y'all, anyway?

When I ask “who are y’all”, it is YOU I am asking.  Not some other person who might be reading this a city or state or even country away from you..and not even that visiting neighbor who is reading this over your shoulder, but YOU! You see…I kinda know who you are in a general sort of way.  The software I use to maintain my websites tells me  little about my readers.  For example, I know that 86% of my readers use the Firefox browser.  I know that my “average” reader is a 34 year old stay at home mom,

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Sep 022010

I have three cutting boards…two wood and one plastic…and, given my lazy nature, I often opt for the plastic so I can put it in the dishwasher, but if my choice were based on food safety, the right choice would be wood.

That’s right…wood. Wood is safer than plastic regarding food cleanliness!

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