Jan 102017
Is raising pigs hard?  Hardly.  Here is a book to prove it!

For you homesteader, self-sufficiency members of the JuicyMaters family who are considering raising livestock for a micro-farm, this book leads you thru all you need to know in order to successfully raise pigs, the ideal homesteaders’ livestock (after chickens).  Whether you are raising one or two a year for your freezer or breeding them to sell live piglets to others this book is a good how-to manual for newbie pig farmers.

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Jul 052016
Quick!  Boil water!  The babies are coming!

Younger readers will not understand the title, so a bit of explanation is in order.  Back in the day when there was an expectant father fumbling for something to do to help when the doctor came to the house to deliver the baby…Yes, a home delivery was common…Dad would be told to boil water.  It wasn’t necessary but it kept “bumbling dad” out of the way.  At least that’s what happened in older movies. Young’uns, by “older movies” I’m not talking Tom Cruise and “Top Gun” older…I’m talking Jimmy Stewart and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” older. Well, three days

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Jun 152016

The docile, even friendly, disposition of the Large Black breed makes it ideal for beginners to pigs. Their disposition is so friendly we don’t even remove tusks from boars on the property. When one of the adult pigs approaches you chances are they are either looking for a treat or will flop down beside you wanting their bellies rubbed.

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Feb 262014
The Baker's Green Acres story, and a threat of violence by the DNR

I’m guessing at this since JuicyMaters covers cooking and yurts and homesteading, but I think most of my visitors here have at least a passing interest in all three. If you think about it, they are all related. People with a real interest in food usually have an interest in where it comes from, which leads to an interest in homesteading and producing your own food. People who are homesteaders generally have an affinity for a simple, frugal lifestyle, and yurts fits that perfectly. With that in mind, I’d like to tell all of my visitors, yurt types, homesteaders, and

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Sep 302011

Well folks…the technical difficulties have mostly been resolved and the weekly JuicyMaters Living live!” show is back.

“JuicyMaters Living live!” is a live streaming video podcast here at JuicyMaters.com at 7pm eastern time every Thursday (see the link above in the menu). The show is recorded and available for viewing as a post in case you miss the live show.

The show is about different JuicyMaters topics each week, with this week’s show being about Homestead Livestock. Enjoy!

Viewing time approximately 31 minutes

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