Jun 282011
Gardening in a bucket…growing plants upside-down.  Part 1, making the planter

Do you have a hard time finding a good spot to garden? Is your yard too shady? Do you live in a apartment and want to avoid evection for digging up open spaces for your veggies?

Well…you might try gardening in a bucket. Give your vegetables a unique look at the world…let them grow upside down!

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Apr 102011
Putting in a garden and “putting by”

Smart gardeners work with, not against, what they have. Sure, we amend soil with nutrients…NATURAL nutrients, not chemical garbage produced in a lab. A common term for what we do with soil is “building” good soil, and that is what we do…build, not deplete and destroy.

A good example is my garden area…

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Sep 302010

At least for me, my yurt seems to make for a less stressful living environment. Don’t ask me to explain it…it just is.

Conclusion…good or bad choice?

In conclusion, if I had it to do over again, knowing what I know now, would I make the same decision to build and live in a yurt?

You bet’cha.

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Yurt foundation…pier and post

 Posted by at 4:10 pm  Yurt Yak
Aug 272010

So…you have decided to put your yurt on a crawlspace foundation. Smart move.

“Of course YOU think its smart, Bob…just because YOU did it, it must be the right way…the ONLY way, right?”

“Go sit in the corner…I don’t have to listen to you yap. I gave good reasons in the site/foundation section for a crawlspace. Go back and read it if you were asleep during that discussion.”

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