Aug 202010

Some of MY reasons for selecting the site and foundation I did may not apply to you in your situation, so I’ll tell you WHY I made the decisions I did. You may choose differently…I don’t know EVERYTHING, ya know.

…I heard that snide comment from the back of the room. I know I USED to say,”If I didn’t know it, it wasn’t worth knowing”, but I haven’t said that in…well…er…let’s just say I haven’t said it in a long time. OK?

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MY yurt…

 Posted by at 4:56 am  Yurt Yak
May 262010

Hi folks!  Welcome to the yurt section of “JuicyMaters”.  Here I hope you will be able to get some questions answered about yurts…about yurt package suppliers, about building a yurt from the ground up, including one type of foundation, kit erection, and finishing the inside, about building inexpensively without going totally cheap, and some general yurt-ish questions…like .. “Why the heck would someone want to build a yurt anyway?” Because I’m weird that way? …and, “You want to live in a tent PERMANANTLY?  Are you crazy?” Yes, and quite possibly. I hope the yurt section of the blog will do

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