Apr 042012
No, I'm not dead...blogging tech got me

Over time (a lot of time) doing a lot of research about web video, and after wasting money on the wrong video tools (too much money…money I really couldn’t afford to spend), I discovered two things:

First, there is a lot of really bad information out there on producing web video economically, from absolutely wrong information to reasonably good information written so only a real Geek could understand it (I am a dumb redneck…I speak Human, not Geek-lish) to tutorials written pretty clearly that cost an arm and a leg and that require you to spend ANOTHER arm and leg on the software and equipment needed for quality videos.

Second, a friend of mine named Ralph, who I collaborate with over at Cantankerous Old Coots, told me I had a web video related saleable product, that folks would pay me good money for…

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Sep 022010

I have three cutting boards…two wood and one plastic…and, given my lazy nature, I often opt for the plastic so I can put it in the dishwasher, but if my choice were based on food safety, the right choice would be wood.

That’s right…wood. Wood is safer than plastic regarding food cleanliness!

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