Feb 232011
5 reasons to avoid yurt living at all costs

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Bob has spent all this time writing all the Yurt Yak posts, extolling the virtues of yurt living, showing us the best company to buy a yurt from, and going over the details of how to actually build a yurt, and what does he do now?”

“He tells us to avoid yurt living at all costs.”

Well folks, while I am just as happy as a pig in slop with my decision to buy, build, and live in a yurt, I thought I might plant my tongue firmly in my cheek and tell you five reasons not to live in a yurt.

Sep 302010
Yurt living one year in…thumbs up or thumbs down?

At least for me, my yurt seems to make for a less stressful living environment. Don’t ask me to explain it…it just is.

Conclusion…good or bad choice?

In conclusion, if I had it to do over again, knowing what I know now, would I make the same decision to build and live in a yurt?

You bet’cha.

Reasons for a yurt, part 2

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May 272010
Reasons for a yurt, part 2

Wait a minute!  I said I already had a house, on some acreage, and a mortgage…all of which, combined, kept me from buying a yurt…How did I wind up a yurt dweller? It seems a neighbor that I have had problems with for a few years, and who had, on several occasions, made the statement that, “I’m gonna run you off the mountain!”…decided the best way to do that was…to burn my house down. Isn’t that the way most civilized people resolve problems? The neighbor thought he ran me off the mountain…he was wrong. Anyway, my neighbor’s kindness left me [read more…]

MY yurt…

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May 262010
MY yurt...

Hi folks!  Welcome to the yurt section of “JuicyMaters”.  Here I hope you will be able to get some questions answered about yurts…about yurt package suppliers, about building a yurt from the ground up, including one type of foundation, kit erection, and finishing the inside, about building inexpensively without going totally cheap, and some general yurt-ish questions…like .. “Why the heck would someone want to build a yurt anyway?” Because I’m weird that way? …and, “You want to live in a tent PERMANANTLY?  Are you crazy?” Yes, and quite possibly. I hope the yurt section of the blog will do [read more…]

Yurts, gers, and such

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May 262010
Yurts, gers, and such

There is a part of living in a yurt that is sort of pre-yurt living, or kinda like remedial class prior to Yurt 101.  It’s that part of yurt-ing where you first find out that there is such a thing as a yurt, then you learn the what’s and why’s of living in a yurt.  So, first I’ll impart my pitiful little knowledge of yurts and how I came to live in one. I don’t actually remember how I first heard of yurts, but somewhere around 2003 to 2005 I either saw them in a magazine…Countryside perhaps…or on a TV [read more…]