Feb 012013
I don't know why...I cried

I was fooling around on the internet a while ago…I was actually trying to kill time, avoiding doing any work on my websites…and I ran across a story about Billy Grahm (actually it was a joke involving him…a CLEAN, funny joke)…and at the same time I was listening to Pandora. I have a channel on Pandora named “Southern Gospel Radio and I was listening to it in the background and someone came on singing “How Great Thou Art”. Well…I WAS reading the Billy Grahm joke with that song in the background (one of my favorite songs BTW. My mom had

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Sep 082010

One-on-one prayers that I am familiar with are…SURPRISE!!!…the ones between me and God, and believe me, there is not a lot of style in them. I’m usually in a jam of some kind and they usually begin, “Hey Big Guy…got a sec? I’ve got a problem down here…”, followed a little (or a lot) later with, “Hey Dude…thanks. I really appreciate that help.”

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