Dec 142011
Who ARE y'all, anyway?

When I ask “who are y’all”, it is YOU I am asking.  Not some other person who might be reading this a city or state or even country away from you..and not even that visiting neighbor who is reading this over your shoulder, but YOU! You see…I kinda know who you are in a general sort of way.  The software I use to maintain my websites tells me  little about my readers.  For example, I know that 86% of my readers use the Firefox browser.  I know that my “average” reader is a 34 year old stay at home mom,

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Jul 142011
Toilet malfunction…How do I make coffee?

I love my coffee. LOTS of coffee. Too much coffee.

Especially first thing in the morning.

Morning coffee takes water, and my toilet flowed and flowed and flowed. It flowed ‘til it had “flowed” dry.

Now you understand the post title…”Toilet malfunction…how do I make coffee?”

Over the next 24 hours the well will refill…but until then I miss my coffee.

And I still haven’t adjusted the toilet. If you come visit, remember to pull the handle up, OK?

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Jun 292011
DAD had puppies, no longer needs valium…but I do

Jackie had puppies last Wednesday…I think the combination of mid-summer heat and 6 puppies suckling for sustenance has done what growing up into an adult dog hadn’t…slowed her down enough that she doesn’t need Valium, like she did back when I wrote this. I just hope that when the puppies are gone, and a few months down the road when cooler weather returns, she stays somewhat calmer than she was before.

I hope she stays calmer so I never have to beg y’all for valium for Jackie again…’cause you don’t help out and send it!

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Jun 172011
Top 10 bad passwords.  Your “security” is my ROFLMAO hilarious.

I’ve come up with a system for remembering all the different passwords I have. I have a Word document called “passwords” that lists all of them and what programs or websites they are for. If you decide to do this, remember to keep the document safe from prying eyes by password protecting it.

Just don’t use the password “password”, OK?

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May 312011
On the hunt for clean underwear…

I have an excuse.

Three of them actually.

First, I am of the male sex, which is really all the excuse I need.

Add to that, I am single. That gets me bonus points in the excuse department.

Finally, I live alone.

“Nuff said. I have all the excuses I need to explain my inability to find clean underwear. I don’t need any help in that department

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