Apr 042012
No, I'm not dead...blogging tech got me

Over time (a lot of time) doing a lot of research about web video, and after wasting money on the wrong video tools (too much money…money I really couldn’t afford to spend), I discovered two things:

First, there is a lot of really bad information out there on producing web video economically, from absolutely wrong information to reasonably good information written so only a real Geek could understand it (I am a dumb redneck…I speak Human, not Geek-lish) to tutorials written pretty clearly that cost an arm and a leg and that require you to spend ANOTHER arm and leg on the software and equipment needed for quality videos.

Second, a friend of mine named Ralph, who I collaborate with over at Cantankerous Old Coots, told me I had a web video related saleable product, that folks would pay me good money for…

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