What’s a JuicyMater?

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Note:  This is an old OLD page, from January of 2011.  Most of the information on it is either outdated or just plain wrong.

I almost deleted it, but decided to leave it on the site as a reminder to me of where the site has come from.

I left it on the site for you, to give you some humerous entertainment.  Enjoy.

Who is Bob, and what the heck is a “JuicyMater”, anyway?

Well, Bob (that’s me) is a sometimes deranged redneck boiled peanut salesman, and JuicyMaters is a collection of his stream of consciousness thoughts (heavy, huh?) and observations on life (Eureka Moments), homesteading (Family Homesteading), yurts (Yurt Yak), and food (In the Kitchen).

For the curious, my interests…besides blogging, of course…range from wood turning to fishing, from nutritious food activist to politician-baiter, from cooking (The Food Network…Alton Brown rocks!) to news/commentary (FOX News).

I live in a yurt  and my primary motivation for choosing a yurt is…they are WEIRD…in a nice sorta way.  There are other considerations as well, but you gotta read the blog to discover what they are.

Wander around and enjoy the site or, if you would rather just read the posts on a specific topic here are the links to specific categories:

  • Eureka Moments- my sometimes strange, sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational ruminations on topics from lucky groundhogs to cantankerous chimpanzees, from meth labs (not what you think) to workingman’s prayers, from angels to 357 mph school buses…and more.
  • In the Kitchen- a collection of recipes, helpful kitchen tools and accessories, and tips and tricks to help make your food prep and cooking easier.
  • Family Homesteading- a one stop source for homesteading information on topics as varied as homestead finances, small landholder livestock, growing a market garden, and much more.
  • Yurt Yak-pretty much everything you wanted know about yurts, including why you might want a yurt in the first place, yurt construction from site selection to finish, to what yurt company I believe you would be happiest purchasing a tip from (and why).

You can also join the JuicyMaters family which, among other things, will bring you a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will contain General News about what’s going on at JuicyMaters, news of prizes and giveaways, and we’ll let you know of upcoming changes at JuicyMaters that you might find interesting (for example, upcoming streaming Internet radio shows on yurts and on homesteading…for a start.

So…  Wander around the site for a bit, and please use the comment section at the bottom of every post to ask questions, answer other people’s questions or expand on my answers, and tell me what you like (or dislike) about JuicyMaters and what you’d like to see more (or less) of.  The best way I can improve JuicyMaters, and make your visits informative, enjoyable, and entertaining is through comments from you, the JuicyMaters Family.